Wellness Styles

Wellness Styles - Fitness and Nutrition - Mini Personality Training Kit

Exclusively for Qualified Presenters! This Wellness Styles Mini Kit helps participants understand why the weight management strategy that works for one person doesn’t work for the next person.

Your Immediate DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Includes:

  • Facilitation Instructions (17 pages)
  • Weight Management Survey (2 pages)
  • Wellness Styles Quiz & Response Key (2 pages)
  • Wellness Style Profile Handouts 4 pages)
  • Wellness Styles Mini Slideshow (10 slides)
  • Resourceful Self-Talk Handout (4 pages)
  • Duplication rights to participant materials!

Perfect for your in-person or virtual training sessions see Use License Agreement

Facilitation Instructions

Seventeen pages of facilitation instructions offer a 2-hour training outline complete with suggested scripting for the slides. You get instructions for conducting a group activity or having participants work solo to come up with an individualized wellness plan.

Perfect for wellness group classes as well as for one-on-one nutrition coaching.

Wellness Styles Training Kit Facilitation Instructions

Weight Management Survey

First conducted in 2007, respondents who had already assessment their top personality style answered questions about their weight management goals, challenges, and successes.

The results were astounding! Clear patterns emerged indicating that there is a connection between personality and a person’s approach to weight management.

The Wellness Style Profile handouts provided in this mini kit offer a summary of the original survey data.

Weight Management Personality Survey

Have participants take the weight management survey then compare their answers to the patterns described in the handouts.

Wellness Quiz & Response Key

This playful Wellness Styles quiz helps participants quickly ascertain their personality style lineup.

You can email it to them ahead of the training session or integrate it into the workshop. This is a five-question Wellness Style Quiz where users select the response that best describes them.

Wellness Styles Personality Quiz

Wellness Styles Profiles Handouts

The Wellness Styles Personality Profile handouts explore the traits, what works, what doesn’t, factors, and pathways to success for each personality style.

Wellness Styles Personality Profiles Handouts

Wellness Styles Mini Slideshow

The first four slides cover the needs and values of the personality styles. Once you know how you are wired, you can tap into the power of your personality to achieve the health goals you desire and deserve.

The next four slides offer insights into how to use your personality strengths for you instead of against you to meet your wellness goals.

Wellness Styles Mini Personality Training Kit slides

Resourceful Self-Talk Handout

When the focus is on weight loss, essentially the focus is on the weight. When we shift the focus to making wise food choices, finding a work-life balance, getting regular exercise, and staying mindful we develop new habits that can lead to a whole new lifestyle.

This handout guides participants in developing a positive affirmation that shifts their focus to take them in the direction they desire to go.

Resourceful Self-Talk for Personalities handout

Personality Training Kit - Qualified Presenters Trainer Center

Exclusively for Qualified Presenters!

The Personality Lingo Wellness Styles Training Kit contains advanced material. Participants must have already determined their most dominant personality style and have a solid understanding of the needs and values of the styles. The facilitator must be familiar with the training methodologies in the Personality Lingo Basic Training Kit.

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Wellness Styles Personality Training Kit ULA

Wellness Styles Personality Training Kit Description

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