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True Colors Trainer DVD Get Curious

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At last – a FULL personality training you can watch at home

white check mark Over 2 hours of material

white check markFeaturing Mary Miscisin

white check markShowing Our True Colors

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Learn Your True Colors with this DVD while supplies last!


No longer being produced. When these are gone, they’re gone!

Watch ONCE And BOOM – You Have All The Tools You Need…


Getting prepared for a personality presentation is easy, right?

It takes very little time, right?


Not if you want to make your presentation memorable.

There are certain time-consuming tasks that MUST be done.

And this can take hours to do (especially if you are preparing material from scratch).

And even if you’re a seasoned personality trainer (True Colors or otherwise), it can still take weeks to complete all these mundane (yet, necessary) tasks.

And if you have dozens and dozens of presentations…

…Or if you are trying to prepare for a presentation SOON…

The time spent in a preparing, compiling, refining and practicing a presentation can really add up.

Finally there’s an easier way.

A much better way.

Now these mundane tasks can be done in ONE SITTING by watching Get Curious, Not Furious – Communicating Your True Colors.

Get Curious – Not Furious,
Communicating Your True Colors

Get your DVD about True Colors today while supplies last!

Now You Can Watch the Complete UNEDITED Program About True Colors In The Comfort Of Your Home Or Office!

Green Check Mark Imagine never again experiencing the frustration of figuring out the elements that go into a personality presentation…

Green Check Mark Glean new ideas for describing each True Colors personality style

Green Check Mark Hear Master Trainer Mary Miscisin’s signature descriptions, anecdotes, and stories to make each True Colors Style come alive!

Green Check Mark Watch Mary Miscisin, author of Showing Our True Colors, conduct activities, transitions & debriefs that keep the audience interested and involved

Green Check Mark Understand distinctions for communicating your True Colors like never before!

Green Check Mark Learn how to apply the True Colors concepts to enhance relationships, both at home and work

Not A Trainer? No Problem!
This PBS Special DVD Was Made
With You In Mind!

Blue Check Mark See the ENTIRE show, including informative parts that were edited out for TV!

Blue Check Mark Explore your own True Colors personality and communication style.

Blue Check MarkIdentify the True Colors and communication style of others.

Blue Check MarkUnderstand what could be causing communication conflicts.

Blue Check MarkLearn how to improve communication- even with those you thought impossible!

Blue Check MarkGain insights and participate in activities not aired on the television special

Blue Check MarkIf you are not already a fan of True Colors, get this DVD and let your personality show!


UNEDITED VERSION – Contains Extra Full Hour Of Material Not Seen On TV!

People Icon Watch With Friends
Show to family, spouse, or coworkers. Makes a great

Film Icon Special Content
To make the PBS special, over one hour of content was cut – you get
to see it!

Info Icon Informative
Watch as Mary playfully illustrates many of the life-changing concepts from Showing Our True Colors

People Icon See Yourself As Others…
How do others see you? Does it matters? Watch as Mary Miscisin gives spot-on advice.

Film Icon Watch Every Segment
Each and every segment taped is included on the DVD. You get every exercise, every debrief,
every story!

Info Icon Cross Referenced
Each segment builds on the next. Become familiar with each Color Style before moving onto the next.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Get Your Own Personal Copy of
Get Curious – Not Furious,
Communicating Your True Colors

Communicating Your True Colors - training DVD

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