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We get it…

Personality systems are popular, fun, effective, and contagious. Once an individual is exposed to the concepts they are usually “hooked” for life and then they start to eagerly share the information with friends, spouses and coworkers. This may come in the form of a blog posts, development of handouts, PowerPoints, or by any other printed or electronic means. It is this very same popularity and shareability of the information and concepts that seems to have led to confusion over copyright issues – and many fans/users have found themselves unwittingly engaged in a copyright violation.

The purpose of this page is simple:


As Personality Lingo developers, trainers and practitioners, we believe that it is important for the credibility of the field of personality that individuals and organizations honor the copyrights on printed and electronic materials. At the very least it is a way of demonstrating integrity and showing respect for other people’s work. We understand people’s desire for as much information as possible, but it is important to get it, and provide it, in an ecological way that doesn’t infringe upon the rights of others. The following guidelines regarding duplicating or reusing Personality Lingo® copyrighted materials follows the standard academic practices with respect to copyrights and intellectual property.


SITUATION 1: Discussing Personality Lingo on the internet such as blog posts, social sites, or online articles.

If you are not directly quoting or reproducing Personality Lingo printed or electronic material, but are simply referring to it or talking about it…

There is a very simple method to give attribution.

Link to www.PersonalityLingo.com

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Planner Chevron For a great example, check out the following blog post HERE.

SITUATION 2: Using Personality Lingo concepts in printed material you create requires that you fill out our “Permission Request Form”.


You want to create a handout in order to give information to a target group (i.e., parents) and there isn’t material specific to that topic on our web site or in our product offerings.

You want to write a report for school and discuss the Personality Lingo personality concepts including the four different styles and attributes (in your own words).

You are writing a book and want to include a section discussing the Personality Lingo concepts without using any direct quotations or excerpts.

You want to create a slide show 
for a specific group, association, industry or conference presentation using the Personality Lingo personality concepts.  

If you are not actually “copying” anything directly from Personality Lingo® material,
but rather expressing your own ideas about the Personality Lingo concepts,
you will still need to cite the sources from which you are drawing. 

Crediting a source is typically done by referring to the name(s) of the author(s) and the date of the work you are drawing from in the body of your publication, and then including a full reference to the work in a ‘bibliography’ or ‘references’ section of your manual, book or publication.

This is important so you are not accidentally plagiarizing or violating trademark or copyright laws for protected materials.

Blue Chevron True Colors The easiest way to avoid inadvertent violations is to fill out our Permission Request Form

Permission Request for use of Copyrighted Material


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SITUATION 3: Making a direct quotation, translation or reproduction (including graphics) for any purpose.

For the above situation,
request permission from
Personality Lingo.


Orange Chevron True Colors We make it easy! Fill out our Permission Request Form

We are happy to help you with attribution specifics and requirements.
Just ask! 

Click to Access our Permission Request Form

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