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The popularity of personality education programs is GROWING exponentially! How do you SET YOURSELF APART from other trainers and demonstrate that you know your stuff? Personality Lingo Qualified Presenter provides a credential indicating that the information provided in your presentations will be accurate.


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Copyright and Permissions

Want to spread the excitement of Personality Lingo? We make it easy for you to do the right thing. Learn how to get permission to use Personality Lingo® concepts in your own creative work and properly apply attribution. Understand copyright, trademark and Creative Commons.


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Trainer Directory Submission Form

Are you a seasoned professional looking to expand your client list? Only top notch presenters are selected to be listed on the Find a Trainer by Location map. Filling out the Trainer Directory Submission Form is just the first step to indicating your interest in being listed in the Personalty Lingo Trainer Directory.


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Purchase Presentation Supplies

As kit owners and Qualified Presenters you may purchase personality sort cards and Personality Lingo books at discounted rates. You will need your login credentials to access the appropriate password protected webpage.

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Personality Training Kit
Certification is not required
If you are certified in True Colors,
MBTI, Keirsey or haven't chosen
a personality system yet - you will
LOVE this training kit.



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