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Personality Lingo Trainer Center - Setting a High Standard

Personality Lingo uses easy to comprehend terminology to help individuals identify personality patterns. Being able to recognize the needs and values of yourself and others provides a powerful avenue for reframing perspectives and redirecting interactions towards a more positive outcome. When employees learn Personality Lingo, the work environment is transformed – barriers to workplace communication are replaced with bridges of understanding.

Whether you are a freelance presenter or an in-house trainer the designation of Qualified Personality Lingo Presenter will help you bring your presentations to the next level. Take full advantage of this unique opportunity to demonstrate your proficiency and take personality theory concepts to the leading edge of thought reaching new audiences in your own unique way.

Qualified Personality Lingo Presenter

Demonstrate to your clients or employer that you know your stuff.

  Earn incredible creative freedom to customize your presentations!

  Receive deep discounts on Personality Lingo books and card sets.

  Gain exclusive access to advanced trainers kits.

NOTE: This is an optional qualification program for trainers interested in testing their knowledge and receiving a credential. You do not need to get “certified” or complete this qualification program in order to use Personality Lingo training material and put personality concepts into action in your community.

Kit Owners and Qualified Presenters

Buy Personality Lingo books and personality card sets in bulk at discounted rates.

Personality Lingo books and cards at discounted rates

Personality Lingo Kit Owners and Qualified Presenters may combine the unaltered Personality Lingo® handouts and slides with their own signature material tailored for their specific audience.

Qualified Personality Lingo Presenters are granted permission to use the personality style descriptor terms in their own works of authorship by simply including the required attribution statement.

If you ARE NOT a Qualified Personality Lingo Presenter, YOU MUST Request Copyright Permissions prior to use of the Personality Lingo® descriptor terms.

Personality Lingo Trainer Center Copyright and permissions

Want to spread the excitement of Personality Lingo?

We make it easy for you to do the right thing.

Learn how to gain permission to use Personality Lingo® concepts in your own creative work and properly apply attribution.