Temperament & Stress Survey Findings
We are not so different, or are we?
Connections between Temperament and Stress

The Temperament and Stress Survey found that although there are some similarities in what people stress about and how they react, there are also distinct stress patterns for each of the four personality styles.

Mary Miscisin, M.S. and Ed Redard, M.D. started with some simple questions.

Do each of the personality styles experience, react to, and deal with stress differently? Are there distinctive patterns amongst the temperaments with regards to stress that would lead to useful tips, strategies, and applications?

These questions led Miscisin & Redard to develop an on-line Temperament and Stress survey. The respondents already knew their personality style. The survey asked them a variety of questions regarding their stressors, how they stress, what helps and what makes things worse. After two years, the survey had collected over 10,000 responses.

Some of the Temperament and Stress Survey responses were profoundly distinct.

Connectors value relationships - stress survey findings
Connectors place a high value on relationships

Often times their stressors centered around feeling disconnected, rejected, isolated or left out. Other major frustrations are conflict, negativity, and not being able to express their “true” selves.

Planners like to be prepared - stress survey findings
Planners like to be prepared

Situations that threaten their sense of stability or consistency are stressful. Disorganization, chaos, surprises and irresponsibility of others—such as lack of follow through or a change in direction are nerve-racking.

Thinkers are logical and crave competency - stress survey findings
Thinkers are logical and crave competency

They can get exasperated by illogical decisions, emotional outbursts, and intellectual stagnation. They like time to think so urgent timelines or inadequate information can send them into analysis paralysis.

Movers are constantly on the go - Stress survey findings
Movers are constantly on the go

They like to make decisions in the moment and act upon them instantly. Anything that slows them down is stressful. They crave adventure and change. Obligations and routine, following protocol, waiting, and lack of freedom are will zap their energy.

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