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Stress and Personality – Stress Management Quiz Training MINI Kit

Personality and Stress
Stress Management Quiz MINI KIT


If you are on a tight budget, or limited time frame, this mini kit is for you!

Personality Stress Management Quiz Mini Kit

Looking for a way to teach stress management using the personality concepts?

The STRESS QUIZ MINI KIT has everything you need for teaching a no fuss 1-hr stress management training

Stress Quiz Kit X Bullet 10-question
stress quiz
Stress Quiz Kit X Bullet Fast and
easy scoring
Stress Quiz Kit X Bullet Participant
Stress Quiz Kit X Bullet Instructions and
training outline

Enjoyed the online PERSONALITY stress quiz?

If you haven’t already figured out your personality STRESS STYLE, take our fun online quiz:


Stressed Worker

If you only have an hour, how can you offer a stress management training that gets results?

Limited Timeline Stress

It is kind of ridiculous to be put on a limited timeline for such an important topic…but it happens!

You get invited to give a stress management presentation for a “lunch-and-learn”. You have only 60 minutes to get them engaged and give them tips and techniques to help them relieve stress…

Your boss has finally given you the “go ahead” to offer a stress management training but wants you to pack everything into one hour…

You previously presented the personality concepts and now your client wants you to return and apply what they’ve learned to relieving stress—the catch is that you have only an hour…

How do you give useful stress management training in one single hour?

Get the Personality Lingo®

This starter kit not only saves you time, it saves you money too!

The Personality Lingo Stress Quiz Mini Kit comes with duplication rights so you can use it again and again without having to purchase additional participant materials each time you teach.
For a limited time, CLICK HERE to find out how you can get this Stress Quiz Mini Kit for FREE.

Stress Training Budget

Once you’ve opened the door to the possibilities…

Managing Stress Possibilities

The Stress Quiz Mini Kit is just the beginning of what is possible!

When you begin to apply the powerful concepts of personality to managing stress, your participants will crave more distinctions, more tangible, useable ways to apply the knowledge of personality to deal more effectively with stress.

When this happens you can be ready with the Navigating Stress Trainer’s Kit! It has tips, techniques, activities and exercises for reducing stress with personality.

Get started teaching STRESS MANAGEMENT
with PERSONALITY today!

Personality Stress Management Quiz Mini Kit

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Personality Training Kit
Certification is not required
If you are certified in True Colors,
MBTI, Keirsey or haven't chosen
a personality system yet - you will
LOVE this training kit.



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