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First published in 2001 with several editions and translations throughout the years, Mary Miscisin’s classic personality book Showing Our True Colors has been revised to Personality Lingo!


Personality Lingo Showing Our True Colors Update Mary Miscisin



If you are a fan of the book
Showing Our True Colors,
you will LOVE Personality Lingo!

After 10 years of additional research, development, story gathering and making additional distinctions Mary Miscisin has released an updated version of Showing Our True Colors.

New Features
in Personality 

Same Familiar
FUN! as
Showing Our True Colors

Orange Chevron True Colors Many of the same familiar stories that depict the personality styles spot on!

Orange Chevron True Colors Expanded Introvert-Extravert section including “Introvert does not equal SHY”

Orange Chevron True Colors The funny cartoons that made you giggle with recognition – supplemented with new ones

Orange Chevron True Colors New keys added for opening up lines of communication between the personality styles
Blue Chevron True Colors Updates to the stress sections collected from online survey data of over 10,000 responses

Blue Chevron True Colors Easily comprehensible terms that are readily recognizable from beginners to experts

Blue Chevron True Colors Quick rank pages to identify your personality style from most to least preferred style

Blue Chevron True Colors Updated definitions, reference lists and chart of personality systems compared

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