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Happiness at work - Mary Miscisin

5 Most Important Things for Happiness at Work

HINT: Your Personality Plays a Big Part

What are the 5 most important things for a great work environment and healthy working relationships? Is it good pay, benefits, advancement opportunities, or a great job title? The answer of what is REALLY important for happiness at work may surprise you!   

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Your personality under stress - Mary Miscisin

There are inherent connections between stress and personality. Use these insights to put your personality strengths to work for you (instead of against you) to improve your stress levels.

Personalities Under Stress (Article/Handout)

Situations that are stressful to one person may be exciting or motivating to another. How we react to and handle the stressors in our lives depends upon a lot of things; workload, time constraints, the people we interact with, our past experiences… and there is something more- our personality.

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If you fail to recognize and adjust these bad habits,
you can jeopardize your job, your relationships, and
your reputation. Why risk it? Discover these tips today!

Are You Making These Costly Communication Mistakes? (Article/Handout)

WARNING: In this bratty, sassy, and uniquely bold article by Mary Miscisin she “tells it like it is” with no holds barred. Not for the faint of heart – read at your own risk! This report contains information about the 5 most costly communication mistakes that each Personality Style makes.

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Introvert does not equal shy

Introvert DOES NOT Equal Shy Article

When the average person is asked for their definition of “Extravert” they are described as “someone who is sociable and likes people”. An Introvert is often depicted as someone who is “anti-social or shy” – however this is inaccurate! Luckily, Introverts everywhere have a new spokesperson: Susan Cain, a self-proclaimed Introvert who’s taken it upon herself to better understand the place of Introverts in culture and society. 

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Effective Communication-Mary-Miscisin

Have you ever tried to communicate something to someone and it just didn’t come out right? Or perhaps
you thought it came out right but they took it wrong?

Effective Communication with Personality Lingo (Article/Handout)

Why is it that communication flows so smoothly with some while with others it can be bumpy and frustrating? Of course the mood you are in, your relationship with the person, (boss to subordinate, spouse, best friend…) and your background, such as education or expertise in an area, will have an influence on the way you communicate—but there is something more. The way you communicate with others has a great deal to do with your personality.

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Communication Skill-Building

Ever noticed that you find some people are a pleasure to communicate with and others are a pain?

Exploring Different Perspectives
Communication Skill-Building (Article/Handout)

This article explores different perspectives, feelings, needs, and values for the personality styles. Gain insights into the positive intentions and hidden needs behind perceived negative communication patterns for each of the personality styles.

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