Become a Qualified Personality Lingo® Presenter!

The popularity of personality education programs is GROWING exponentially!

How do you SET YOURSELF APART from other trainers and demonstrate that you know your stuff?

Become a Qualified Personality Lingo Presenter today

Whether you are new to personality education or a seasoned professional, the designation of Qualified Personality Lingo Presenter has advantages and provides a credential indicating that the information provided in your presentations will be accurate.

Become a Qualified Personality Lingo Presenter!

Demonstrate your understanding of Personality Lingo material – how it relates back to Carl Jung’s original psychological type theory and David Keirsey’s Temperament Theory by taking the Qualification Exam.

Qualified Personality Lingo Presenter badge

After you pass the qualification exam with a score of 90% or better, you will receive a certificate of completion and a Qualified Personality Lingo Presenter badge to proudly display on your website, marketing material, and email signature line – to indicate your expertise.

The Personality Lingo Basic Training Trainer’s Kit provides a solid foundation upon which to build your personality education expertise. The Qualification Exam is based on the material found in the Basic Training Facilitation Guide.

Gain Incredible Creative Freedom for Customizing your Programs

Qualified Personality Lingo Presenters are granted permission to use the personality style descriptor terms in their own works of authorship without having to submit their work for approval every time they publish. Simply include the following required attribution statement in the footer of your slides or handouts: “The personality style descriptor terms (Connector, Planner, Thinker, and Mover) are used with permission from Personality Lingo.”

If you are not a Qualified Personality Lingo Presenter, you may still request copyright permissions to incorporate the Personality Lingo® terms and concepts into your own publications. You must submit a copy of your work for approval. These copyright permissions are granted on a case-by-case basis. We must have copyright permissions on file for you prior to distribution of your material.

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There’s more! Once you pass the Qualification Exam you gain exclusive access to more trainer’s kits. That’s right! These are trainer’s kits on advanced topics that only Qualified Presenters can purchase.

Qualified Presenters gain exclusive access to more trainers kits

You get slideshows, handouts, and suggested activities which you may use as a follow-up to or in combination with the material in your Basic Training kit.


Basic Training in Personality Lingo
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Qualification Exam enrollment is included with your purchase of the Basic Training Kit. You don’t have to pass the exam to use the material in your kit. Once you do pass the qualification exam (demonstrating confidence with your knowledge of the material) then you unlock the full potential of the Personality Lingo program.
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