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Personality Training Certification Kit

Certification is Not Required!

Everything you need to teach a successful personality workshop

Teach Powerfully Effective Personality Workshops 
(certification not required)


convenient PDF format

Take your workshops and personality expertise to the next level with the
Personality Lingo
® Basic Training Kit

Whether you are new to personality training or already have a favorite personality training system such as MBTI, True Colors, Keirsey Temperaments, What Color is Your Personality, the Color Code, Personality Dimensions, or Color Lingo, you will find the concepts in this personality training kit easy to use – and certification is not required!

What’s in the Personality Training Kit?

This Personality Training Kit is JAM-PACKED!

Facilitator Guide
Bursting with Information

This 170+ page Facilitator Guide is filled with tips, tools, techniques, and the specific detailed personality information you need to bring your expertise to the next level. With step-by-step instructions, facilitator scripting, and tips for handling challenging participant questions. Each activity is presented in an easy-to-follow format – including transitions and debriefs. 

Personality Training Slide Show

Professionally Designed

Beautifully styled with savvy, modern graphics in vivid bold colors, this slide show will keep you organized and on track. You’ll feel like a seasoned pro  – even if it’s your first time facilitating with this eye-catching, efficiently organized slide presentation. Make an instant impact and keep the attention of your participants with this powerful tool at your fingertips.  

Participant Handouts
with Duplication Rights!

Feel good about providing quality information in a fresh, colorful assortment of handouts. We make it easy for you to supply your participants with the powerful Personality Lingo concepts. They will be ready for fun when they see the vivid true colors and playful style of these personality handouts,
a perfect way to remember the information they learned. 

What makes the Personality Lingo
Training Kit different?

What sets it apart from other personality training kits?

You don’t need to purchase participant materials each time
you give a workshop. Invest once & you’re done.

When you purchase the Personality Lingo® Trainer’s Kit you receive DUPLICATION RIGHTS.

That means you can make copies of the handouts – in any combination.

You are not stuck with a booklet that has more (or less) information than you need for your particular audience.

If you are an in-house trainer, it doesn’t cost your organization every time you give a presentation.

If you are an independent trainer – you get to keep your training fee instead of spending exorbitant amounts on participant materials.

We hold your hand. You receive a totally self-contained kit that has EVERYTHING you need for a 3-hour presentation.

If you are like most trainers, you have have been to multiple workshops and received manuals that have lots of good information on personality concepts – but none of them actually give instructions on HOW to give a rockin’ presentation.

This Basic Training Kit holds your hand and walks you step-by-step through the presentation. The manual gives pertinent historical information, exact scripting to use during the presentation, how to facilitate the exercises, how to debrief the exercises, and how to transition seamlessly into the next exercise.

Few things in this life are foolproof, but if you follow the outline – your presentation will practically give itself! We’ve done the work for you so you can relax and reap the reward of a grateful, enthused, and inspired audience.

Start immediately. Certification is not required.

Download the kit today and you can give a personality presentation tomorrow.

With this training kit, certification is not required. This is a MASSIVE bonus! You don’t have to travel, stay in a hotel, eat at chain restaurants, and spend 3 days of your life and $$$$$ to earn the “privilege” to to present this information.

Over 20 years of research has gone into the development of this kit. This material has been honed and refined with input from some of the very best personality trainers – top performers in their field.  

With one easy click you can get unparalleled results. 

What Trainers are Saying

When the Personality Lingo Trainer’s Kit came out I bought it as fast as I could hit the link. There aren’t enough adoring and appreciative words to express what it means to me as a trainer to have such extraordinary products from Mary where I can not only gain insight and verbage to enhance my personality training skills, but she gives real live, honest to goodness, incredibly valuable handouts that I can actually duplicate and pass along to my clients.
– Payal R.


The Personality Lingo Training kit ROCKS! Mary took her vast knowledge and expertise and just gave it to us full throttle. The material is just what I expected from Mary Miscisin. It was easy to understand, informative, and fun to learn. Not a drop of knowledge, insight, or “ah-has” were missed because it is all in the Facilitator’s Guide! I highly recommend Personality Lingo to those Temperament Trainers who are looking to take their customers to the next level.
-Kim W.

I have been tracking workshop evaluation data from my trainings and thought you might like to know that Personality Lingo scored very high. My client commented that she liked it better than workshops she had in the past because it seemed more “clear and clean.” One participant commented that she was happy to see that Personality Lingo is congruent with the results of her Keirsey work. Another was simply ecstatic to have the Personality Lingo book and the materials to take with her.
-Michael V.


convenient PDF format

Certification is not required to purchase this kit


This is a limited offer, so claim your free bonus 
before it disappears!

Personality Test Kit

Test & Score Sheet
Instructions & Training Outline
Participant Handouts
($79.95 value)

Personality Test Kit

Imagine having this valuable resource at your fingertips! The Personality Lingo personality test is a convenient, effective way to jump-start your workshops. Taking this personality test and reading through the handouts provides your participants with an immediate understanding of the four dominant personality styles. The color-coordinated personality style handouts provide important insights in an easy-to-read, colorfully fun format. The user-friendly training outline makes it simple to facilitate group activities for participants to explore their personality test results and gain insights into the personality style of others.


convenient PDF format

Imagine the excitement when you open the files for your new Personality Lingo Basic Training Kit. All the information you’ve been searching for, all there, in one convenient place!

Think about how thrilled you will be when you present your next colorful personality training and have everything at your fingertips – the handouts, slide show, the information and instructions…just waiting for you.

Picture yourself stepping up to the opportunity to present material that your participants will remember, integrate and use.

As you consider all the reasons for taking action now and ordering this Training Kit, take a minute to consider what you will miss if you don’t order now. Only you know exactly what opportunity, expertise, or tool you’d be missing.

So as this web page wraps up, will you be devouring the new information in this Personality Lingo Basic Training Kit, or wondering why you left this page empty handed only to return later to find the price has increased?

Go ahead and make an investment in your future. Add the Personality Lingo Basic Training Kit to your Trainer’s Tool belt and get prepared to make a difference, add expertise and have some fun. Your Personality Lingo adventure has just begun.

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the Personality Lingo Navigating Stress Training Kit

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Personality Training Kit
Certification is not required
If you are certified in True Colors,
MBTI, Keirsey or haven't chosen
a personality system yet - you will
LOVE this training kit.



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