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IMAGINE having your own copy of the official PERSONALITY LINGO personality test and full page descriptions of each of the four personality profiles to be able to use with your staff, coworkers, family or friends.  The great part is that you can make numerous copies of this personality temperament test because it comes with the rights to duplicate!

This Personality Test Mini Kit Includes:


This test is the same FUN personality test that you can take online from our site. It allows you to rank your choices from the most like you to least like you. Scoring this way provides you with your entire temperament line-up, not just your top style.

Whether you are a seasoned trainer or new to the personality temperament concepts, you know how important it is to have this powerful tool at your fingertips! This versatile format makes it easy for you to print and distribute…again & again!


This score sheet contains concise directions for tallying up test responses. It comes on its own page so you can keep the the test taking and scoring separate. This convenient sheet provides an easy way for participants to view their Personality Line-Up at a glance.

Participants can easily tally up their responses to the test and discover their Personality Line-Up. Each style is given a numerical value so one can easily rank and view the their Top, Second, Third, and Last style.


This personality test kit comes with easy-to-follow administration instructions that provide directions for introducing the personality concepts, framing the test, and scoring participant results. It also includes a convenient outline for conducting a basic training using the results of the personality test. The training outline supplies step-by-step guidance for small group activities designed for participants to explore their personality traits and gain insights about the personality style of others. 


These full-color participant handouts come in a convenient PDF format for ease of duplication. Each handout includes traits, needs and tips for relating to that personality style. When rank-ordered, these handouts provide participants with an overall view of their personality line-up.

Personality Style Handouts

Introductory LOW PRICING! (But not forever!!!)
A personality test such as this has never been offered to the public with full reproduction rights at this outrageously low price – and it won’t be offered at this price for very long. This is a limited time offer (you can’t say we didn’t warn you).

Yes, you can believe your eyes!
The price for this personality temperament test, score sheet, instructions and four personality profiles is less than an average dinner for two. Whether you are certified in MBTI, Keirsey, Colors or not at all does not matter! When you purchase this kit you can use the personality test again and again.

Yes, you get the rights to reproduce this personality test & participant handouts!
Although you are not allowed to resell this product you can duplicate it and use as a perfect companion for your personality workshops *SEE END USERS AGREEMENT. How much would it be worth to you to have this indispensable tool at your finger-tips just when you need it?

Yes, you can have this test within minutes!
Don’t delay! This is a limited time offer for this convenient downloadable Personality Test. Put the power of personality in the palms of your hands! This is a digital download kit in PDF format (compatible with both PCs and Macs) and it will be in your possession almost immediately! (As quick as your download speed). In minutes you will be ready for your very next workshop, family reunion, networking meeting, community gathering…

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Personality Training Kit
Certification is not required
If you are certified in True Colors,
MBTI, Keirsey or haven't chosen
a personality system yet - you will
LOVE this training kit.



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