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Your Authentic Swing

The movie Baggar Vance has a scene describing “Your Authentic Swing”. Watch this clip with your innate personality in mind. We all have traits within us that are natural and authentic. We just need to find ways to relax and allow them to emerge.

Forward to 1:27 to get straight to “authentic swing”

How Introverts Interact Differently

This insightful Huffington Post article by Alena Hall offers “10 ways Introverts Interact Differently With The World.” If you are looking for more resources about Introverts, her article contains several solid references including quotes from Carl Jung, Susan Cain, author of the Power of Introverts, and psychologist Brian Little, author of a book on personality science, Me, Myself, and Us: The Science of Personality and the Art of Well-Being.

Why Extroverts Get A Bad Rap

Tracy Spears, author of “What Exceptional Leaders Know” blog post.  “Extroverts have a one step process for thinking and speaking. They speak while attempting to form their point of view.   An extrovert is often fast paced. They process information out loud because they have an external thinking process. When you ask an Extrovert a question, what do you typically get? You get an answer. Eventually you get the answer but not without hearing everything that pops into their mind first.”

Keirsey Temperaments

Established in 1996 by Dr. David M. Keirsey, this site provides a variety of solid information about the Keirsey temperaments. Includes portraits of various famous people throughout history and the temperaments within each Myers-Briggs type.

Overview of the MBTI Instrument  

Ever wondered what the 4 letter combination of a Myers-Briggs type stood for? Read the Center for Applications of Psychological Type’s overview of the MBTI Instrument for a succinct synopsis.

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