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Personality Lingo Book by Mary Miscisin

Personality Lingo Book Stack Mary Miscisin

by Mary Miscisin

Think of the people you interact with throughout your day. Do you find some are a pleasure – while others are more of a pain?

Each of us has our own style, preferences and ways of operating, how do we bring out the best in each other instead of driving each other crazy?
Mary Miscisin shows us the way in this update of her classic book
Showing Our True Colors.

Things have changed over time…




and so has this book!

Continuing Evolution

Over the past decade, Miscisin has continued to research and field test various aspects of the four basic personality styles. 

Recognizing that each personality system brings a positive contribution to the field of personality, she updates her terms, definitions and distinctions in this newly expanded update of her previous book Showing Our True Colors aptly titled Personality Lingo.

Personality Lingo Book History

Playfully illustrated, Personality Lingo is a fun, easy guide for identifying personality styles and understanding why people behave as they do.

Personality Lingo BOOK Chapter 1

With an easy-going writing style, humorous cartoons, lighthearted anecdotes and convenient reference lists, Miscisin conveys complex personality concepts in easy to comprehend layman language.

Orange Chevron True Colors Many of the same familiar stories that depict the personality styles spot on!

Orange Chevron True Colors The funny cartoons that made you giggle– supplemented with new ones

Orange Chevron True Colors New keys added for opening up lines of communication between the personality styles

Go beyond simple identification of your personality style to discover immediately useful methods for practical application of the concepts.

You’ll find tips for appreciating and relating to each style, along with ways to open up lines of communication, reduce stress and transform relationships – even ones you thought were impossible.

Planner Chevron Find out what brings out the WORST and the BEST in each personality style

Planner Chevron Learn to recognize signs of stress and how to help reduce it for each style

Planner Chevron Discover how to better relate to introverts and extraverts – especially if you have the opposite preference

Personality Lingo Chapter 5 Personality Under Stress

If you are a trainer looking for participant material use this as a workbook for several lessons from a basic workshop to successive applications

Personality Lingo Book Chapter 14 - communication

Whether you speak the letter lingo of the Myers-Briggs, the color lingo of Personality Dimensions or the descriptor lingo of the Keirsey temperaments you will easily recognize the personality lingo attributed to each style.

Purple Chevron Use chapters 1-9 to teach a basic workshop identifying personality styles

Purple Chevron Use chapters 10-14 to teach personality style communication skill building

Purple Chevron Use chapters 15-18 for teaching stress management for each personality style

Take a look inside to discover why this is the go-to personality book for easy to use tips and insights for personal growth and professional success.

Peek Inside Personality Lingo Book

Praise for Showing Our True Colors  the past edition of Personality Lingo

Quotemarks75 Enlightening! This wonderfully insightful book offers practical keys for unlocking relationship challenges and enhancing your personal effectiveness.
-Jack Canfield, co-author Chicken Soup for the Soul
Quotemarks75 What a wonderful contribution to relationships! From self-discovery to getting along with others, Showing Our True Colors provides refreshing insights and practical suggestions for enhancing communication, reducing conflicts and understanding why people behave as they do.
-John Gray, author, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

If you want to Show Your True Colors, read, absorb and use the BRILLIANCE in this book!

– Mark Victor Hansen, co-author, The One Minute Millionaire

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