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Personality Training Communication Skill Building Kit

Effective Communication Training Kit
Skill-Building with Personality

Communication challenges can drive people CRAZY!

Think of the people you interact with throughout your day…

Do you find that some are a pleasure to communicate with while others can be a pain?

What you say and how you say it can make or break trust, morale, productivity and your organization’s bottom line.

How effective is your team’s communication?

Understanding the distinctive ways in which different personalities approach communication is a key ingredient to success at work and in your personal life.

Do you have what it takes to give a powerfully effective communication training?

If you’ve ever struggled to find training strategies THAT WORK, specific activities that ARE FUN, yet EFFECTIVE and resources to ANSWER THE QUESTIONS and MEET THE NEEDS of your participants, clients, or growing business for MORE personality applications … look no further!

The Personality Lingo Effective Communication Training Kit is jam-packed with the tools it takes to give a powerfully effective communication skill-building training using personality concepts.

In this kit you will find:

  • Time-tested, step-by-step instructions so you’ll be prepared with the right activity at the right time for the right audience.
  • Comprehensive information regarding each element of the Personality Lingo Effective Communication model for competently presenting concepts and responding to participants.
  • Interactive activities that provide your participants with opportunities to work together in a safe environment -experiencing communication concepts at a deeper level.
  • A variety of training formats so you can “grab and go” or adjust to a variety of situational time demands with finesse and fun.

If you can relate to any of the following …

Your personality expertise is broad (or limited) and you would like to refine or enhance your focus on communication aspects but don’t know where to turn for more specific info

You have come up with what you feel is a good communication training, but you’d like to tie the concepts more closely to the personality concepts

You have great ideas of how to apply personality style concepts but would like a solid model for teaching communication skills

Your organization, clients, or students keep coming to you with more questions about communicating with different personality styles and you aren’t quite sure how to respond to or help them with their communication challenges

The amount of time you have to present for each training varies so you need to be ready for an assortment of time formats

then get excited because the Personality Lingo Effective Communication Training Kit provides …

Detailed information that correlates powerfully effective communication skills directly to personality style concepts

Numerous activities, worksheets, and examples that apply the personality concepts learned to help the participant integrate and use them for enhancing communication in their daily lives.

A Five step model (1- Identify; 2- Clarify; 3- Modify; 4- Verify; 5- Apply) for applying the personality Color Style concepts to effective communication skills that is easy to understand, teach and demonstrate in and outside of the classroom.

Quick reference charts that help both you and your participant rapidly identify potential communication challenges and provide direction for exploring more resourceful responses.

A variety of training outlines for various formats ranging from one hour to a full day.

Using the Personality Lingo Communication Training Kit you will be able to:

  • Understand the characteristics that make up the four dominant personality styles of the Personality Lingo model.

  • Identify the motivations behind the actions and mode of operation for each personality style.

  • Distinguish the situations that prevent open communication for each personality style and what elements have been stumbling blocks individually.

  • Gain an awareness of others’ communication frustrations.

  • Determine the communication preferences, and tips for communicating with each style.

  • Provide methods for using the insights learned to strengthen communication skills, especially with those they may have had a difficult time with in the past.

  • Supply activities that are entertaining as well as educational to practice newly learned skills and reinforce the participants’ ability to easily use the methods outside of the workshop environment.

If you are certified in True Colors, the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), any other personality education system …

If you are a temperament trainer who wants to gain MORE expertise, offer MORE personality education programs, and reveal the wellness benefits that arise from an understanding of personality concepts to participants …

… this Personality Lingo Effective Communication Skill-Building Training Kit was created with you and your needs in mind.

The methods you’re going to learn by reading the Personality Lingo training material will work for anyone – whether you’re a new trainer in the field of personality education or an experienced facilitator trying to break out of the pack. Fasten your seat belts! The training material is jam-packed with information. Your trainings will have a positive impact on society and change lives.

Who is the Personality Lingo Effective Communication Training Kit right for?

Experienced personality style facilitators who are exploring their “next step” seminars – and who want to make sure they get it right.

Brand-new facilitators who want to know how to instantly stand out from the crowd, capture attention, and rise to the top.

Anyone who wants the secrets of boosting their personality style knowledge and offering exciting new programs faster, easier, and more conveniently than ever before, using leading-edge methods.

Anyone who wants the “step-by-step” AND the “big picture strategy” for how to succeed as a personality style facilitator.

Individuals that crave the secret methods for creating knock-your-door-down requests for MORE personality style programs and being ready when you receive those requests.

Anyone who wants to avoid being caught empty-handed and unprepared when a client says “I want more! You’ve taught me about my personality, now what do I do with that information?”

Professional temperament trainers who crave immediately useful applications to apply their personality style expertise. Facilitate effective communication skill-building. Participants of your training sessions will learn ways to reduce conflict, improve relationships, and live a life with more energy. Better understanding of yourself and others is good for overall health and wellbeing!

In short: whether you’ve facilitated a lot of trainings already, or are just starting out, the Personality Lingo Effective Communication Training Kit will provide you with the tools for the “next step” in applying personality style concepts to communication skill-building.

And the most incredible benefit is that your participants will LOVE the seminars you present and BEG you for MORE!

So… are you ready to make an impact beyond your wildest expectations?

Here’s what is in your Personality Lingo
Communication Skill-Building Training Kit:

The Personality Lingo Effective Communication Training Kit contains five (5) hours of material which can be presented all in one day or arranged to generate several sorter duration (e.g. 90-minute or 3 hour format) presentations.

This entire kit is a digital download. 

  • Facilitator Guide – PDF Format with 130+ pages of step-by-step instructions
  • Participant Handouts – PDF Format with rights to reproduce
  • Slideshow Presentation – fully animated PowerPoint presentation

Personality Lingo Effective Communication

Facilitator Guide

Over 100 pages of communication skill building information in PDF format arranged to correspond with the slideshow presentation and participant handouts (also provided in the kit). The table of contents is digitally bookmarked so you can simply click on the topic and it will take you to that specific page.

  • Enough material to conducting training for various formats up to 5 hours
  • Step-by-step instructions for conducting activities
  • Sample scripts for introducing and transitioning to the next training activity
  • Seventeen (17) interactive participant activities
  • Debriefing discussions for each activity
  • Communication Challenge Case Studies
  • DUPLICATION RIGHTS to Participant Handouts
  • An example pre-program questionnaire, room set-up chart, packing slip, concluding poem … and MUCH MORE!

The Personality Lingo Effective Communication Facilitator’s Guide is a culmination of tried-and-true communication skill building activities using personality style concepts. It is your blueprint for success. With the user friendly PDF format, you can simply print off any/all pages you’ll be presenting and bring them with you to your workshops.

Never worry again that you won’t remember the instructions for an activity, transition, or how to debrief an exercise. It’s all in here!

Personality Lingo Effective Communication

Participant Handouts

Thirty-two (32) professional quality handouts that you can pick and choose from and compile in any order to fit your training needs.

  • Personality Profiles
  • Communication Style Worksheets
  • Activity Worksheets
  • Introvert-Extrovert Quiz
  • Communication Challenge Case Studies
  • DUPLICATION RIGHTS to Participant Handouts
  • Quick Reference Charts and MUCH MORE!


That’s right! Never have to worry about purchasing additional workbooks again and again, or pay an annual licensing fee – you get individual rights to reproduce participant handouts.

The quality of the handouts you distribute can make a lasting – and deciding – impression upon your audience … make sure it is a good one with these valuable handouts you can be proud to use!

Personality Lingo Effective Communication



  • Keep your participants engaged and on track with the captivating graphics and personality concept learning points provided in this high impact beautifully arranged slideshow presentation.
  • High quality attention grabbing graphics
  • Emphasizes key points so participants can stay on track and remember important concepts
  • Helps you remember Effective Communication training material to present
  • Correlates with Effective Communication Participant Handouts & Effective Communication Facilitator Guide
  • Intended to be customizable – arrange the communication skill building training material to fit your specific audience and time requirements.

Personality Lingo Effective Communication Training Kit

… is it right for you?

No matter what you want to accomplish today, chances are it involves some form of communication.

Until now, if you wanted to apply the personality style concepts learned in a basic personality training you would have to attend an in-person certification course. The cost of attending an in-person personality style certification training can be an expensive, time consuming, and laborious endeavor. Then, once the long drawn-out training is over you are locked into having to purchase materials from the training organization each time you want to give the presentation.

That’s why I developed the Personality Lingo Effective Communication Training Kit!

You get a complete personality education training kit that you can download immediately and study at your own pace. You get the detailed step-by-step Effective Communication Facilitator’s Guide, and Effective Communication Participant Handouts that you have the rights to reproduce. You heard that correct! You get lifetime individual rights to duplicate the Effective Communication Participant Handouts.

You get access to Mary Miscisin’s time-tested methods for taking personality style concepts to the next level with Effective Communication in a self contained Trainer’s Kit you can download right now!

 INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOADbuy-now-button Personality Lingo 200$895.00

What are people saying about the Personality Lingo Effective Communication Training Kit?

The Personality Lingo training I conducted ROCKED! Mary took her vast knowledge and expertise and just gave it to us full throttle. The training itself is just what I expected from Mary Miscisin. It was fast paced, informative, and fun. But not a drop of knowledge, insight, or “ah-has” were missed because it is all in the Facilitator’s Guide!

I have already integrated pieces of the information I received into my current contracts and plan to market Personality Lingo Effective Communication to client organizations who have enjoyed the basic training provided by my True Colors presentations in the past. Thank you Mary for pouring your heart and soul into this train-the-trainer program. I highly recommend Personality Lingo Trainer’s Kits to temperament trainers who are looking to take their customers to the next level.

Janice Whiting, Owner
Performance Enhancement Group

Just when I was thinking that there was no way to top the Color Style Games and Activities Trainers Kit by Mary Miscisin, she blows my socks off with her new Personality Lingo Effective Communication Trainer’s Kit!.

When Mary’s new training kit came out I bought it as fast as I could hit the link. There aren’t enough adoring and appreciative words to express what it means to me as a trainer to have two extraordinary products from Mary where I can not only gain insight and verbiage to enhance my personality training skills, but she gives real live, honest to goodness, incredibly valuable handouts that I can actually duplicate and pass along to my clients.

This personality training kit is truly giving me the next level of insight to expand my repeat business with clients.
All I can say is THANK YOU Mary!

Sande Roberts
The Sisters Real Life Skills

Just a note to say thank you for the phone consultation today. I just finished listening to your communication training session – and I was blown away by the energy, importance, and power of your work. The scenarios about the doctor were stunning.

I was inspired to read deeper into the rich personality training materials; I purchased them, but then didn’t really work to own them. Talking with you one-on-one made all the difference. And I was impressed! You attend to issues that I find critical in any learning exchange. For example, setting up participant “safety” prior to a challenging interaction – terrific!

Dr. Marianne Reiff
Assistant Professor of Education
Lesley University

Still wondering if the Personality Lingo Effective Communication Training Kit is right for you?

Take a look at this next section closely, and find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions …

Questions You Might Have About The Personality Lingo Effective Communication Training Kit

Question 1

Do I need to be a certified temperament trainer, True Colors facilitator, or qualified MBTI administrator to use this material?

No. The lessons, key points, and activities are created to be used with any “colorized” temperament system that uses Blue, Gold, Green and Orange to describe their dominant personality styles. However, this kit is designed for trainers that are already have a background in presenting the basics of personality style concepts. If you have not yet taught the basics, you will want to check out our Personality Lingo Basic Training Trainer’s Kit.

Question 1

I already am a certified True Colors facilitator, am I allowed to use this effective communication personality training material?

Yes! It was designed with you and trainer’s of other colorized temperament systems in mind. Remember … you never have to purchase additional materials! Duplication rights for Personality Lingo Effective Communication participant handouts are granted to kit owners.

Question 1

How does this material compare to the True Communication Advanced Application offered by True Colors International?

The original True Communication Advanced Application was designed by Mary Miscisin using the communication skill-building concepts contained in the Personality Lingo Effective Communication Trainer’s Kit. In recent years, True Colors International has revised their True Communication Advanced Application so that it no longer contains Mary Miscisin’s signature work. Mary Miscisin holds exclusive copyright to the original True Communication, Color Lingo, and Personality Lingo content (www.copyright.gov).

Question 1

Does the Personality Lingo Effective Communication Trainer’s Kit come in a hardcopy version?

The Personality Lingo Effective Communication Training Kit is exclusively a digital download format at this time. This grants you instant access and saves shipping costs. We do not offer hardcopy versions of the Personality Lingo Effective Communication Training Kit at this time (we may change our minds if we get enough requests).

Question 1

If we have other trainers in our department, can they use the Personality Lingo Effective Communication Kit too, or do they have to buy their own kit?

Your Personality Lingo Effective Communication Training Kit is designed to be licensed to you as an individual. This means that if you purchase the Personality Lingo Effective Communication Training Kit and you leave your organization, the kit goes with you wherever you go. If your organization makes the purchase, the license belongs to your role at that organization, if you leave the organization or switch roles, the license transfers to whomever fills your role as a trainer. If your department has multiple trainers who would like to use the Personality Lingo Effective Communication Training Kit, an extended license may be purchased at a reduced rate. Otherwise, each individual trainer would need to purchase their own license. If you have other training departments at other sites or regions, they would be required to purchase their own single or extended rights license to the kit.

Question 1

What if I don’t like it? Can I get my money back?


You bet! If you are not thrilled with the incredible information in Personality Lingo Effective Communication Trainer’s Kit, you have a 30 DAY UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE! That’s right! Try out each exercise, activity, and lesson. Use the participant handouts and the slideshow presentation, read through the personality style information and training tips. Take your time to thoroughly investigate and explore each activity and if you don’t think it’s worth every penny, just contact us within 30 days from the time of your purchase and we’ll quickly provide a refund – no objections or hard feelings.

The Personality Lingo Effective Communication Skill-Building Training Kit …

Imagine the excitement when you open the files for your new Personality Lingo Effective Communication Training Kit. All the information you’ve been searching for, all there, in one convenient place!

Think about how thrilled you will be when you put together your next personality communication training and have everything at your fingertips – the participant handouts,  slideshow presentation, the information and instructions … just waiting for you to choose the format that fits your audience’s needs and your time schedule.

Picture yourself stepping up to the opportunity to present personality training material that your participants will remember, integrate and use.

As you consider all the reasons for taking action now and ordering this kit, take a minute to consider what you will miss if you don’t order now. Only you know exactly what opportunity, expertise, or tool you’d be missing.

So as this web page wraps up, will you be devouring the new information in this Personality Lingo Communication Skill-Building Kit, or wondering why you left this page empty handed.

Go ahead and make an investment in your future. Add the Personality Lingo Communication Skill-Building Training Kit to your Trainer’s Tool belt and be prepared to make a difference, increase your expertise, and have some fun. Your Personality Lingo adventure has just begun.


The Personality Lingo Effective Communication Trainer’s Kit

YES MARY! Please send me my digital copy of the Personality Lingo Effective Communication Training Kit which includes:

  • Facilitator’s Guide – PDF Format with 100+ pages of step-by-step instructions
  • Participant Handouts – PDF Format with rights to reproduce
  • Slideshow Presentation – fully animated PowerPoint presentation


buy-now-button Personality Lingo 200$895.00

Get the Communication Quiz Mini Kit

What’s That? There’s More?

Get your own Personality Lingo

Communication Quiz

Includes handouts, response key, and instructions

For a limited time the Communication Quiz Mini Kit is being included with the Effective Communication Trainer’s Kit

The Personality Lingo® Effective Communication Facilitator’s Guide covers how to facilitate a Pre-Sort using the handouts and a Storytelling Sort using the slideshow presentation and your own stories. These are proven methods for having participants assess their communication style. The Personality Lingo® Communication Quiz Mini Kit has been included in your digital download to provide an additional fun alternative for the participants to make an assessment of their communication style.

 INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOADbuy-now-button Personality Lingo 200$895.00

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