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When you take possession of your copy of the Personality Lingo® Navigating Stress Trainer’s Kit (The Kit) you are agreeing to the terms of this Use License Agreement (ULA). This ULA is a binding agreement between you (a single individual) and Personality Lingo. By downloading, printing, or otherwise using The Kit, you agree to be bound by the terms of this ULA and agree to use The Kit within the ULA guidelines.

This ULA grants you the following rights:

1. YOU MAY: Print and distribute hardcopies of the handouts to all participants you instruct throughout your career for their individual use. You may also distribute printed copies of the handouts to your family, friends, and co-workers for their individual use. Copyright & website on all pages must be kept intact.

2. YOU MAY: Email PDF handouts directly to your students for their individual use. You may allow private downloads from an intranet or other password protected webpage.

3. YOU MAY: Email the PDF documents of the Participant Handouts to client organizations that you present for so that they may print and distribute hardcopies to the participants for your workshop only. They are not allowed to publicly post the material in any form on the internet, redistribute it, or use it for workshops or events when you are not present.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your clients understand their rights and that this is copyrighted material that MUST NOT be publicly posted in any form for any reason on the internet or other outlet.

When you email them the handouts, include a written note such as the following:

“Attached are the PDF documents of the handouts for my upcoming presentation. You have permission to print these handouts for my workshop only. These handouts are licensed to me under a Use Agreement which is not transferable. You do not have permission to redistribute or use these PDF documents for events when I am not present. These handouts MUST NOT be posted publicly for any reason.”

4. YOU MAY: Print the facilitator guide for your personal use.

5. YOU MAY: Use the digital form of the slideshow presentation during your live training sessions throughout your career.

6. YOU MAY: Print the slideshow presentation in Handout Format with the Header and Footer information left intact for your own individual use.

The slideshow file is for your sole use only.

If your participants request a copy of the slides, YOU MUST only provide them with the included “printable slides” PDF which contains main slides in a 4-slides horizontal view.

7. YOU MAY: Use the Stress Quiz in accordance with the ULA for that Quiz Kit.
Also see:

Copyright Permissions to Develop Custom Content:

Personality Lingo encourages customization of your programs. You may combine the unaltered handouts and slides with your own signature material tailored for your specific audience.

Handouts must be used in their unaltered state with copyright intact. You may add a cover page with your own contact information if you’d like. If you require customization of the handout bundle, email us with your request. We will arrange the handouts in the order you request.

Slides must be used in their unaltered state with copyright intact.

The slideshow presentation file is modifiable according to the following terms:

YOU MAY: update the cover slide and the final slide
YOU MAY: delete slides
YOU MAY: add your own custom slides which you create from your own material
YOU MAY NOT: alter the content of the Personality Lingo slides
YOU MAY NOT: take images off the Personality Lingo slides and create slides or handouts from them. Images used on Personality Lingo slides are subject to third party license agreements which are not transferable.
YOU MUST: add the following attribution statement to your slideshow presentation: “This slideshow was modified with permission from Personality Lingo.”
YOU MUST: use the following attribution statement on any slides that you create using the Personality Lingo descriptor terms: “The personality style descriptor terms (Connector, Planner, Thinker, and Mover) are used with permission from Personality Lingo.”
YOU MUST NOT: include the Personality Lingo copyright statement on your custom slides which you create from your own material.

Qualified Personality Lingo Presenters are granted permission to use the personality style descriptor terms in their own material accompanied by the required attribution statement. To learn more about becoming a Qualified Personality Lingo Presenter please visit

If you are not a Qualified Personality Lingo Presenter, you may request copyright permissions to incorporate the Personality Lingo terms and concepts into your own publications:

Your work product MUST contain the following attribution statement:

The personality style descriptor terms (Connector, Planner, Thinker, and Mover) are used with permission from Personality Lingo.

Qualified Personality Lingo Presenters are not required to request copyright permissions for each instance of using the descriptor terms. However, you may still want to do so as we are always happy to offer guidance. Your proprietary work will never be shared without your prior written consent.

This ULA requires that you abide by the following use restrictions:

1. YOU MAY NOT: share your Rights with another party. These Rights are for assigned license holders only. You may not provide copies of The Kit to other trainers, friends, co-workers, or other departments at your place of employment.

When an organization purchases the license(s) for their employees, the license(s) may be reassigned to employees as roles shift. Each trainer using The Kit during the same timeframe must be assigned a license to the training material.

Any organization which needs to reassign the license to a new employee shall contact Personality Lingo to update the license holder information.

It is your responsibility to ensure that Personality Lingo has current Point of Contact information (an up-to-date email address) on file in order to receive notification of future Training Kit Updates which are free of charge.

2. YOU MAY NOT: post ANY of the contents of The Kit publicly for any purpose.

This includes but is not limited to – anywhere on the internet, blogs, websites, or social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

YOU MAY Post your comments, impressions or general synopsis of Kit elements on social sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter as well as on Blogs and Web Sites.

You MAY NOT post ANY of The Kit contents on any unsecured cloud servers (such as Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, etc.)
You MAY NOT insert contents of The Kit into a Google Form or Google Document.

Public posting of the Kit Contents will result in immediate revocation of Rights and subject you to additional copyright prosecution.

3. YOU MAY NOT: resell, include the contents of The Kit in any other publication, or in any other way use the contents of The Kit other than to support your own “live presentations”. The term “live presentation” is used here to mean any in-person or virtual training session that is conducted live in real-time and is not recorded with the intention of rebroadcasting.

The contents of The Kit MAY NOT be inserted, excerpted, or modified in any way for use in any derivative product or offering without prior written permission.

YOU MUST contact Personality Lingo for EXTENDED RIGHTS for Use in Publication if you wish to include elements of The Kit in another publication.

YOU MUST contact Personality Lingo for EXTENDED RIGHTS for Resell if you wish to include elements of The Kit in a train-the-trainers program.

YOU MUST contact Personality Lingo for CO-BRANDING RIGHTS for Use in Publication if you wish to include kit contents in a pre-recorded online training.

These additional rights are extended on a case-by-case basis. The amount of Personality Lingo copyrighted material must provide less than 30% of your total course content. You must obtain written consent from Personality Lingo prior to publication or broadcasting.

You DO NOT have the right to publish, market, sub-license, resell, “give away” as a “bonus”, or otherwise distribute any of the contents of this kit (for fee or no fee) other than what is cited in the “YOU MAY” section.

4. YOU MAY NOT: alter the material in The Kit in any way. The material must be used “as is”. The Personality Lingo slides must be used “as is” without alteration. The handouts must be distributed “as in” without alteration.

Release of Liability:

The information presented The Kit is provided only as general educational material and is not psychological or medical advice. By utilizing the educational material contain in The Kit, you agree to fully release, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless, Personality Lingo and its authors from any claim or liability whatsoever and for any damage or injury of whatsoever nature, which a participant or client organization may incur, arising at any time out of or in relation to your use or misuse of the information presented in this material.


The Intellectual Property Rights of the Kit Contents are owned by Mary Miscisin, owner of trademark Personality Lingo. This includes all Kit Elements, Activities, Presentation Formats, Product Data, and any other copyrighted material. Neither the use of The Kit nor this Agreement grant the user any right, title or interest in or to any such Intellectual Property.

Termination of Rights:

Personality Lingo reserves reserves the right to terminate this ULA if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions herein. In such event, you must destroy all copies of The Kit including all Kit Contents in printed or electronic form, product data, and any associated media. 


The Kit is Copyright 2015 by Mary Miscisin, owner of trademark Personality Lingo. Any unauthorized use of The Kit is in violation of Copyright law and will be prosecuted under the full extent of the law.


1.    Should you have any questions concerning this ULA, or need to contact us for any reason, please email

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