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Personality Style Stress Management Training Kit

Personality Style Stress Management Training Kit


THE COST OF Work Stress
Stress is the #1 reason for sick leave. 

According to the American Institute of Stress, workplace stress costs US employers an estimated $200 billion per year in:


Staff Turnover

Workers’ Compensation

and other
Stress Related Expenses

work STRESS is not only about work…

Stress is a pervasive factor in all our lives

Relationship StressRelationship Stress
dealing with others


Money Stress Money Stress
finances, paying bills


Health Stress Health Stress
illness, pain, mental


Time Stress Time Stress
deadlines, priorities

What do we do to handle the stress in our lives?

There are multitudes of books offering stress management tips and techniques.

Countless stress reduction training programs are designed which include activities and exercises for stress relief

Myriads of stress management guides have been developed to help relieve stress and offer personal stress reduction and relaxation methods.

Extensive research has been conducted on the causes of stress and how to reduce stress both at home and in the workplace.

Articles about dealing with stress are plentiful…

So why is STRESS such a persisting challenge?


How we react to and handle the stressors in our lives depends upon a lot of things; workload, time constraints, the people we interact with, our past experiences…

and there is something more…

our personality.

The Difference that makes the difference

The connections between stress and personality styles is undeniable. In the 1950’s researchers coined the terms “Type A” and “Type B” personalities to distinguish a personality style that was more prone to stress and one that was less inclined to stress. We’ve learned a lot since those first distinctions.

If you are a Myers/Briggs enthusiast, True Colors fan, Keirsey devotee, Strengths Finders aficionado, or DISC supporter, no doubt you’ve been asked to apply the personality concepts to stress management. Not only has the MBTI and other personality system researchers investigated the different reactions of personalities under stress, personality expert Mary Miscisin and Family Practice Physician Ed Redard have as well. In 2011 after numerous requests from clients and patients for stress management material related to personality styles they designed an online personality stress survey, asking respondents how they perceived, reacted to, coped, and reduced stress according to their personality.

After they had received over 14,000 responses they sat down and began the arduous task of sorting through the data. At the end of their analysis it was clear; the results showed beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was a key ingredient missing from most (if not all) currently available stress modules – and in retrospect it is a ridiculously simple concept…

BUT, they didn’t stop there.

They had to see if the breakthrough concepts they discovered actually worked in the real world. Mary developed a training program that utilized the findings of the research. Time and time again respondents proclaimed that the tools and insights they learned made a profound and lasting impact in their lives. Companies began asking for the trainings, and asked if their in-house trainers could become certified in the methodology.

Dr. Redard took the concepts to his medical practice and began instituting the methods with his patients. Just as he suspected, the results were patients with reduced stress, increased satisfaction, and generally more “happy”.

It was time to offer the training to the general public.

Its finally here

In this Personality Stress Training Kit you’ll find:

Facilitator Guide

Increase your knowledge and expertise in how our personality style is related to stress. Includes personality stress survey results!


Dazzle your audiences, with these captivating, colorfully coordinated slides. Stay on track and competent.

Participant Handouts

Reinforce the information learned with these powerful handouts, distilled into the most potent points.

This Personality Lingo Stress Training Kit
is BURSTING with content!

personality training kit stress management

Facilitator’s Guide

Over 100 pages of information including

Orange Chevron True Colors Complete, step-by-step instructions for facilitating an informative, immediately useful stress management workshop that applies the personality concepts.
10X10 White Block
Orange Chevron True Colors Actual quotes, comments and details from each personality style in the PERSONALITY STRESS SURVEY result findings (that will alter your perception about what you thought you knew about personality and stress.)
10X10 White Block
Orange Chevron True Colors Indispensable, up-to-date, information about how your personality relates to stress helps you separate fact from fiction.
10X10 White Block
Orange Chevron True Colors Includes signs of stress, what helps, what makes it worse, and how to reduce stress for your personality style.

Discover insights about how each of the four colorful personality styles deal with stress.


Vibrant, colorful slides hold your participants truly captivated while providing essential information about stress and personality styles.

Orange Chevron True Colors Present with competence and confidence when you use these incredibly informative slides formatted with delightfully colorful, eye-popping graphics.
10X10 White Block
Orange Chevron True Colors Easily connect the Personality Lingo® concepts to your favorite personality system for easy bridging of previously learned concepts and easy application to stress management techniques and tips.  
10X10 White Block
Orange Chevron True Colors Keeps you on track so you remember key points and specific details about stress and the four dominant personality styles, while guiding your participants through each step of the workshop.
10X10 White Block
Orange Chevron True Colors Includes key material from the PERSONALITY STRESS SURVEY results! Slides correspond with participant handouts. 


Offer participant material you are proud to distribute with these delightfully attractive, full
color handouts – with DUPLICATION  RIGHTS!

Orange Chevron True Colors No more participant material fees! When you purchase the Personality Lingo Navigating Stress Trainer’s Kit, you acquire duplication rights to make copies of these fabulous personality stress handouts again and again!
10X10 White Block
Orange Chevron True Colors Key elements for understanding the different personality styles and stress are distilled into powerful descriptors for convenient access. 
10X10 White Block
Orange Chevron True Colors Provides a reference for attendees to put the stress and personality information they learned to use outside of the workshop environment.
10X10 White Block
Orange Chevron True Colors Includes key material from the PERSONALITY STRESS SURVEY results! Genuine comments and descriptors from survey respondents.


stress management personality training kit

Questions & Answers   about this  
Personality Stress Training Kit

Question 1

Do I need to be certified in Personality Lingo, True Colors, MBTI, Keirsey or any another personality system to use this material?

No. The lessons, key points and activities are created to be used with ANY temperament system. However, this Personality Stress Training Kit is designed for facilitators that already have a background in presenting the personality temperament styles.

Question 1

I am new to teaching personality. Can I start with this stress training kit because my worplace really needs a stress management workshop?

Yes, you can – but this stress training kit builds upon the personality concepts learned in the Personality Lingo Basic Training Kit. Participants should already have an awareness of their personality styles for the techniques, tips, and activities in this stress training kit to have the maximal impact.

Question 1

I want to get certified as a Personality Lingo Stress Management Trainer.
Is certification available? How do I get certified?

So glad you asked!  Certification in Personality Lingo Stress Management is being developed as we speak. When it becomes available it will be posted in the Trainer Center. Remember, certification in Personality Lingo Basic Training will be required prior to certification in Stress Management.

Question 1

We have other trainers in our department – can they use the Stress Management Kit too, or do they have to buy their own kit?

This Stress Training Kit is assigned to YOU under the terms of the End Users Agreement. Each person that presents the material must have their own personal stress kit. If you are interested in obtaining authorization so that a whole deparment or organization may present the material, contact us about obtaining a site license at info@PersonalityLingo.com

Question 1

It states the Personality Stress Management Kit Participant Handouts come with “duplication rights”. What does that mean?

When you purchase the Personality Stress Training Kit you receive duplication rights for the Participant Handouts. This means that you have authorization to print and distribute the participant handouts at each an every presentation you deliver. There are no “hidden fees” or “catch”. You will never have to purchase additional materials to present the concepts again (unlike many training organizations that force you purchase participant materials for each and every presentation you give).

Question 1

What if I don’t absolutely LOVE this Personality Stress Training Kit?

Stress management guarantee 225You have a 30 DAY UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE! That’s right! Try out each exercise, activity and lesson. Use the participant handouts and the professionally designed slide show, read through the temperament information and training tips. Take your time to thoroughly investigate and explore each activity and if you don’t think it’s worth every penny, just contact us within 30 days from the time of your purchase and we’ll quickly provide a refund – no objections or hard feelings.

Question 1

This Personality Stress Training Kit is a “digital download”. What does that mean?

After purchasing this kit, you will be immediately directed to a page where you can download the entire contents of the kit to your hard-drive. Within seconds of purchasing you will have the power of this kit in your hands! You may, if you desire, print off a hardcopy of the kit and put it in a 3-ring binder to carry, read, and study at your leisure. We do not ship “printed’ versions of the kit at this time (we may change our minds if we get enough requests).  

Question 1

I still have some questions, how do I get them answered?

You can reach us at info@PersonalityLingo.com

Question 1

I already bought the Personality Stress Management Kit, and I want some personal coaching on how to present the material. Can that be arranged?

Yes! Both Mary Miscisin and Ed Redard, MD offer telephone coaching. Contact us at info@PersonalityLingo.com for more information.


stress management personality training kit

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BOGO personality training kit and stress training kit

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Personality Training Kit
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