Personality Resources for Teachers

A typical classroom will include students who follow instructions well, others who are good problem solvers, some who seem more interested in social interaction than learning, and those who have trouble sitting still in their chairs. Each of these students has their own needs, values, perspectives, motivations, and ways of operating.

Gain more realistic expectations of student behavior and gets tips for honoring each personality style with this free resource.

Personality in the Classroom - resources and tips for teachers

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Personality Resources for Teachers - Basic Training in Personality Lingo

Conduct a Basic Training session at your school!
It is possible for two people to understand each other even when they see things differently. Promote an attitude of curiosity towards understanding others at your school with the Personality Lingo Basic Training Trainer’s Kit.

Personality Academy Personality education for teachers

Personality Education for Students, Parents, and Teachers

The Personality Academy website is a great follow-up resource for those who want to learn more after a Basic Training session for teachers and support staff.