Looking for a way to deliver the Personality Test electronically

If you have purchased the Personality Lingo® Personality Test Mini Kit, you know that the Use License Agreement grants you permission to print and distribute hardcopies to your participants. It also grants you permission to email the PDF documents of the personality assessment directly to participants or allow downloads from a password protected webspace.

But what if you are looking for a paperless method? Perhaps you are instructing virtually or you just want your participants to take the personality assessment prior to your workshop to save time forming groups.

The Personality Lingo® Personality Test can be taken online

You have our permission to use the two images and links below to direct your students to the free online personality test and personality profile webpages.

Yes, you may publicly post these two images and links above.

What about the Communication Styles and Stress Styles Quizes?

An online quiz using the first five questions is available on our website.

If you have purchased the Personality Lingo® Communication Styles or Stress Styles Mini Quiz Kit, please email us. We will provide you with a direct link to the full 10-question quiz online. This link MAY NOT be posted publicly. Please email the link directly to your participants or post it to a password protected webspace.

These complimentary links for mini kit owners may only be active for a limited amount of time. For a more permanent instance of the Personality Lingo Communication Quiz or Stress Styles Quiz on your own website, ask us about purchasing a license for Digital Distribution of Quiz Contents.

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to collect responses in advance to save time forming groups.

Can I insert the quiz contents into a Google Form?
No, you MUST NOT insert copyrighted material into a Google Form.

The best way to compile a list of who is going to be in what group in advance is to create a simple form that asks participants which dominant style group they would like to join.

We highly recommend that you direct your participants to (1) take the online assessment and print out their results, (2) read over the personality profiles either on the website or by reading the handouts, and (3) share with another person why they believe their dominant style is the one they selected. Then, after completing these three steps, have them fill out your form and self-report which dominant style group they would like to join during the workshop.

If you have any questions please email