Dario Nardi’s Neuroscience of Personality

Neuroscience of Personality by Dario Nardi


Temperament is useful because it describes holistic qualities: it names people’s core needs and values, describes how people go about getting their underlying needs and values met, and how they tend to reshape their environment and grow… Each temperament is a pattern of interrelated qualities.

Dario Nardi
Neuroscience of Personality Page 77

Welcome to a Personality Portrait brought to you by Mary Miscisin, M.S. author and founder of Personality Lingo, and Dr Ed Redard, M.D. Family Practitioner and co-founder of Personality Lingo.

As personality enthusiasts we’re always on the lookout for great personality resources and other leaders in the field of personality. That is why we were so excited to hear that Dario Nardi was coming to the Bay Area Association for Psychological Types. Dario is an award winning UCLA professor that has sought to understand personality differences through brain research.

His research shows that people of various personality types use their brains in fundamentally different ways. Furthermore, when you do a side-by-side comparison of two people with the same psychological types there are striking similarities.

You can imagine our excitement when we learned he was offering “brain mapping” for attendees of his session! So after his presentation we went to his “lab” to get “hooked up”. The mapping took about an hour as he put us through various tasks while measuring our brain activity. After Dario’s special computer analyzed all of the data, the video below shows the final print out of our dominant brain circuits.

Mary’s brain map correlated remarkably with her rather extraverted, Connector dominant personality style and Ed’s  brain map correlated remarkably with his rather introverted, Thinker dominant personality style.

If you want to learn more about Professor Dario Nardi and his research we encourage you to check out his book Neuroscience of Personality – available on Amazon.

Thanks for taking five minutes of your time to get exposed to this groundbreaking neuro-research. Keep coming back to Personality Lingo, where personality is our passion, and community is our commitment.


All of us have the needs and values of all four temperaments but one is “home base” – the one that comes naturally to us, the one we go to when we are under stress, and we cannot seem to live without. It is the pattern we are most drawn to and find satisfying. Often, we dislike one temperament – we avoid or remain suspicious of it. 

Dario Nardi
Neuroscience of Personality Page 77