Mover SP Orange Personality Style

Those with the Mover (SP-Orange) personality style tend to be playful, bold and adventurous. Movers love to have fun. Known as “movers & shakers” – their favorite time is NOW!

Restless and spontaneous, their relatively short attention span can be dizzying to others who try to keep up with their pace. This style’s propensity for instant gratification enables them to find the quickest route to getting things done – which may include a taking a shortcut or bending the rules a bit.

Movers have an innate drive to “squeeze the juice” out of every moment in life.

If you follow the rules you miss out on all the fun.

-Katharine Hepburn

Preferring to dive in when the urge hits them, Movers like to leave options open and go with the flow. Many Movers use the term “plan” quite loosely. They like the thrill of not knowing what will come up next, and the challenge of being able to rise to the occasion.

At the moment Movers make a commitment, they may feel it’s a good idea. But as the date approaches and other more appealing options have appeared they can switch gears and toss out old plans for new ones in an instant.

No, you never get any fun out of things you haven’t done.

-Thomas Nash

Move It!

Lighthearted and entertaining. Movers like to keep things moving. They move from subject to subject in conversation, move priorities on a moments notice, and can move mountains with their motivation and delegation skills.

Mover Internal Compass

Up for adventure, Movers seek active participation, a variety of experiences, and plenty of sensory stimulation. When they see a chance to take a risk or tackle a challenge they will dive right in with abandon. Movers brush off set-backs and move on without spending a great amount of time meticulously analyzing decisions or wallowing in regret.

Their desire to be self-reliant and cherish their freedom shows itself early in life. Players resist relationships and careers that are routine preferring not to “know” what’s happening next. They’d rather be surprised by what life has to offer.

Connector Personality Style Internal Compass

Mover Frustrations

Movers like to take a chance or risk by trying new things when the urge hits them. They can struggle with waiting and get bewildered when others delay action, operating from the assumption that people are just as motivated as they are to get the show on the road. Rules seem more like suggestions or guidelines to them. They want to be able to operate at lightning speed without being bogged down by protocol.

Movers are annoyed by slowness or waiting.

To win without risk is to triumph without glory.

-Pierre Corneille

Core Value: Freedom

Movers make decisions in the moment, weighing their options along the way. If they are not presented with any choices, they will begin to create them. One might say that Movers thrive with chaos. If there isn’t enough variety or stimulation in their lives they are apt to create some. Movers like to test the limits and just might stir up some commotion for a little excitement. It can actually be part of the fun for them to try to get out of the corner they have backed themselves into.

When Movers are faced with a challenge they like to dive right in and tackle it with abandon.

The terms used to describe the Mover style are plentiful (as you can see by the graphic at the top of this page). We at Personality Lingo strive to bridge the gap in understanding of terms so personality enthusiasts and those they teach can recognize the various differences and commonalities between systems. To get you started, the following is some nomenclature associated with the Mover Style.

The term, Sanguine, originating from Galen and brought to Waldorf schools by Rudolf Steiner roughly correlates with the Mover style. Old school Keirsey/Bates fans use Dionysian to describe this style, while the present Keirsey devotees refer to Movers as Artisans or SPs. The most frequently used term by color enthusiasts, such as admirers of Don Lowry’s True Colors model is Orange. Personality Dimensions, Color Lingo, and Real Colors also use Orange to describe this personality style. Similarly the color Orange is used to represent the Mover personality style in the Spectrum Temperament and Insight Learning models. The MBTI personality inventory subdivides the Mover style into four personality types: ISFP, ESFP, ISTP, and ESTP.

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