Mover Personality Style Electronic Report

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Download a comprehensive e-Report of your dominant Personality Style, or get all four to learn more about your entire personality style lineup.

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Mover Personality Style eReport

This MOVER PERSONALITY STYLE e-Report contains:

Detailed description of traits

Explanations of innate talents

Forces that drive this style

How others view your style

Clearing up misconceptions

Tips for relating effectively

Turn to this style for

What brings out the worst

Common stressors

Characteristics under stress

Reducing stress

Bringing out the best

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Personality Lingo MOVER E-Report

Personality Style e-Report

30-Page Digital Download

Fun-loving and playful, Movers live for “right now”. They like to act quickly to seize opportunities in the moment. If you are a Mover, or want to relate to someone in your life that is a Mover, download this e-Report now! 

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Personality Lingo E-Report Bundle

Personality Style e-Reports

120-Page Digital Download

Your personality is like an internal compass which directs you through life. Knowing that a person is Planner, thinker, Connector, or Mover gives you valuable information for how to best interact with them. 

NOTE: This pricing is for personal use only.