Mini Quiz Kits
Cost-Effective Introductory Training Toolkit with a 90-minute Training Outline

A printable personality test you can use in your training programs. You get Duplication Rights so you can print out numerous copies of the personality test and handouts. This is the same FUN personality test that you can take on our site. Users rank choices from the most like them to least like them. Provides the entire personality style lineup.

Looking for a great, easy-to-use activity for teaching communication? The Communication Quiz and accompanying handouts can be used as the focus of your workshop or a thought- provoking supplement to an existing presentation. Users select the response that best describes them. Provides the entire personality communication style lineup.

A personality-based stress quiz you can use in your training programs. Explore the connections between personality and stress with this simple to understand stress quiz that is fun to take with fast and easy scoring! Everything you need to teach a 90-minute stress management training. Includes full-page handouts for each stress style.