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Mary Miscisin, MS

Mary is a personality specialist with over 30 years of experience facilitating employee wellness programs. As an avid temperament researcher, university instructor, practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming, qualified Myers Briggs Type Indicator administrator, and recognized expert in the health and wellness field, she authored  Showing Our True Colors as well as various personality training kits and assessments used around the world for understanding personality styles.  


Her work has been translated into several languages and featured in magazines, radio shows and on Public TV as the host of the PBS Special, “Get Curious, Not Furious- Communicating Your True Colors. As a sought after presenter, Mary has inspired audiences from around the world. 

She is best known for her high energy and engaging style that makes learning easy and fun. Look for her newest book, Personality Lingo, which captures the stories and illustrations from her previous book, Showing Our True Colors and combines new knowledge and insights to produce a guide to help you identify and appreciate the commonalities between systems. By using this comprehensible personality lingo, you’ll understand what everyone is talking about!  

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Personality Lingo



True Colors

Inner Heroes

Four Lenses

Color Lingo



Herrmann Brain

Real Colors

Diet Styles

My Most Popular Personality Presentations

Personality Power
Is there someone in your life you would like to understand or get along with better? Ever wish others would understand YOUR way of doing things? Each of us has our own style, preferences, and ways of operating. How do we recognize and value each other’s approach instead of driving each other crazy? This action-packed, fun-filled workshop provides insights into the preferences and motivations of different personality styles.

Working together with others can be a motivating, rewarding and fulfilling experience. There can also be numerous opportunities for stress and frustration if clear lines of communication, effective leadership and commitment are not present. This interactive session brings staff members together as a more cohesive team by providing activities that build upon basic personality temperament concepts to facilitate cooperation, team-work, and appreciation for each person’s contribution to the overall goal.

Working In today’s fast-paced, high intensity workplace, our communication skills play a major role in our everyday activities. Use the power of knowing your personality temperament to open up lines of communication with different styles. Explore your preferred methods of communication and gain insights into the pet peeves and preferences of others. Recognize what you can do to clearly get your message across in a mutually benificial way.

Other Presentations
Whether you would like to improve communication skills, learn about personality styles, foster positive attitudes, or increase teambuilding, Mary’s entertaining style and ready-to use concepts make learning to tackle everyday challenges easy and fun.

Mary’s uplifting keynotes are a great way to kick off your event and keep an on-going positive learning atmosphere throughout the entire training. Her attention-grabbing workshops are interactive and invigorating, or choose her to close your event, topping off your day with an impact that leaves a lasting impression.

Client Testimonies

quotesorangeNo one compares to Mary Miscisin, she’s the real deal! She immediately grabbed the attention of staff with her high energy and powerful message! She kept our staff captivated and intrigued to learn more and more. She is by far the best keynote speaker we’ve had, and 3 months later, our staff is still talking about her and the benefits of her training!  We highly recommend her for any event – you’ll walk away wanting more!

T. Wilson Corporate Event Coordinator – Accounting/Healthcare Industry

quotesorangeYour programs have helped people deal with the unforeseen challenges brought upon by change. Not only have your programs provided “instant relief” to the pressures of change in the workplace, you have been very effective in providing tools and techniques we can take back to our desks immediately. There is evidence all over this building of your impact on people.

Sandy Masters, CPCU, CPIW Learning Development CalFarm Insurance Company

quotesorangeMary is one of the most dynamic speakers that I’ve ever seen. She’s lively, she’s entertaining but most of all she’s educational. Quite often you have speakers that make you laugh but a week later you can’t remember what they talked about. Mary’s workshop provides priceless nuggets of information that you can use to improve yourself in both the workplace and at home. There’s definitely something about Mary!

Baldev Johal,  California Association of School Business Officials

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