Leadership Personality Training Kit

Exclusively for Qualified Personality Lingo Presenters!

Personality Lingo Leadership Training Kit

Your Immediate DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Includes:

  • Facilitation Instructions (15 pages)
  • Leadership Styles Mini Slideshow (14 slides)
  • Leading the Styles Handouts (4 pages)
  • Note-Taking Handout (1 page)
  • Duplication rights to participant materials!

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Clear up misunderstandings, improve interactions, and increase team productivity with this leadership training kit! Build a work culture that inspires leaders to empower team members to be their best self.

Facilitation Instructions

In the Leadership Personality Training Kit facilitation instructions you get a 3-hour training outline, suggested scripting for framing and closure of your session, and example participant responses to the group questions.

Participants explore potential pitfalls and strengths of their own leadership style then consider how their personality style compliments or clashes with employees’ work styles.

Leadership Personality Training Kit Facilitation Instructions

Leadership Styles Slideshow

The slideshow begins with an exploration of the leadership traits of extraverts and introverts. Then, it takes a look at the potential pitfalls and leadership strengths of each of the four personality styles.

Leadership Personality Training Kit Slides

Leading the Styles Handouts

These Leading the Styles Handouts provide a wealth of useful information for working with each of the personality styles. You get a summary of what each style values most, what motivates each personality style, and questions that leaders should be asking themselves when interacting with each personality style.

Leadership Personality Training Kit Handouts

Additional Personality Style Resources

The following personality resources provide powerful examples of reframing perceived negative behaviors. You can send them to your participants in advance of the training session, pass them out during the small group activity, or offer them as a take-home for after the session.

Styles Most Misunderstood
Personality Styles Most Misunderstood
The Styles Most Misunderstood Article, borrowed from the Basic Training Kit, offers two views of the behavior of the styles for some of the most common misunderstandings.

Exploring Different Perspectives
Exploring Different Personality Perspectives
The Exploring Different Perspectives Article, borrowed from the Communication Skill-Building Trainer’s Kit, dives into the Compassionate Communication process, also known as Non-Violent Communication.

Leadership Styles Training Kit - Qualified Presenters Trainer Center

Exclusively for Qualified Presenters!

The Personality Lingo Leadership Training Kit contains advanced material. Participants must have already determined their most dominant personality style and have a solid understanding of the needs and values of the styles. The facilitator must be familiar with the training methodologies in the Personality Lingo Basic Training Kit.

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