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Your personality temperament is coded into your DNA and present at birth. Although your personality evolves with your life experiences, your temperament remains in your nature – sometimes obscure, but always there.


How is your personality style similar or different from your friends, family or co-workers?

When you distinguish the true characteristics that make up your own unique colorful personality style you have a new understanding of the motivations behind your actions. Having others take this free personality test can provide insights into how to interact with them in a way that brings out the best in everyone. This personality test is brought to you by Mary Miscisin, author of Showing Our True Colors.

Personality Lingo is a system for understanding ourselves and others

We offer this free personality test so that you can begin to establish a language or personality vocabulary. The personality styles are presented in modern lingo that is comprehensible to everyone. Once you learn the lingo of personality, it becomes a shortcut to definitions and meanings behind personality patterns.

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This free personality test provides you with simple explanations for a very in-depth topic

In fact, it is not actually a test in the sense that there are not any “right” or “wrong” answers. The only way to fail this personality test is to answer in a way that you think you should instead of the way you really are.

Sometimes when people take personality tests, they try to “trick” the test by trying to guess what personality traits our employers or peer groups think is cool and aim for those. But the trick is on the person taking the test because they only cheat themselves out of valuable insights for themselves and appreciation of others for their specific strengths.

Speaking the Language of Personality…

Whatever lingo you use, most personality systems agree upon the core trait patterns which characterize the four personality temperaments. This free personality test is a fun way to discover your personality style.

Discovering your personality style is the first step in understanding and appreciating yourself and others. When you have others take the free personality quiz it can provide insights for reasons they act or respond to you the way they do. Imagine being able to communicate with others in new and powerfully effective ways!

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