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Dr. W. D. Nicholas is a professional educator and relationship specialist. He is passionate about helping people make the most of their personal and professional relationships. 

Dr. Nicholas holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. He is a National Board Certified Teacher in Guidance and Counseling for ages three through adulthood. He serves as a Guidance Director/School Counselor for one of the largest school districts in the country.


Additionally, Dr. Nicholas is an adjunct professor. He teaches several courses including Marriage and Family Dynamics and Effective Interpersonal Relationships.

Dr. Nicholas and his wife, Dr. Nina Nicholas, have facilitated numerous workshops for almost two decades.

The Nicholas’ live in Palm Beach County with their college age children, Charlie and Cecilia.

On a personal note, Dr. Will Nicholas has a large collection of seashells that he keeps scattered on the beaches of Florida and he likes to check on them as often as possible. His personal mission statement is,
Inspiring Others to Realize Their God Given Purpose and Pursue Their Greatest Potential.”

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Will Nicholas Personality Training

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My Most Popular Personality Presentations

personality presentations - 1

What’s Wrong With You? You’re Not Like Me!
Do you ever wonder why some people just don’t seem to get it? I mean really, why do some people make the choices that they make? Do they see what you see? Well if you have ever wondered this, you will want to take this engaging, entertaining, interactive, and innovative workshop. Discover what makes some people behave in ways that may seem odd to you and find out why some people think you are acting strangely. In essence, this workshop will help you understand yourself and others better. Learn better ways to communicate, better ways to resolve conflict, and become happier and more effective in all you do. This workshop is good for businesses, non-profit agencies, and organizations of all kinds. 

personality presentations - 2

Parenting shouldn’t be hard
Learn why parenting can be so challenging for some and find out how you can be a parent who gets children to cooperate and comply without being stressed.

Parenting can be difficult, stressful, and frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be. Learn how understanding personality styles can enlighten you in ways to take the hassles out of homework, build your child’s self-esteem, establish consequences that work, set appropriate boundaries, avoid power struggles, and dramatically reduce the stress in your family.

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Make Them Say Yes! Become a persuasion expert without compromising your integrity
Understanding personalities is the foundation of this lively workshop. Once you understand your personality style and the personality styles of others, you will be ready to use ethical persuasion strategies to influence decisions for better outcomes. To be very clear, this is not about manipulation. But rather this is about being able to understand motivations and employ the appropriate strategy for the good of all. This workshop is great for salespeople, managers, CEO’s, or anyone who needs to influence others. 

Client Testimonies

quotesorange“Dr. Nicholas,
The personality training you provided to my staff was one of the best we have ever had. Since your workshop, the morale in all of my offices has improved dramatically, customer satisfaction is up, and revenue has increased by 11%.  It’s been over three months since you provided this training and my staff is still referring to what they learned from the training you provided. I’d like to have you come back in the near future and I’ll recommend you to others. much.”

-Al Turri, Au.D.

quotesorange“Hello Dr. Nicholas,
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful personality workshop (Titled “What’s Wrong With You, Your Not Like Me”) you provided. It’s hard to believe that we could learn so much while having so much fun. We all learned so much about ourselves and each other. This definitely will make our organization more effective. Thanks again.”

– Roberta Rayr

Everyone is still talking about the workshop you presented last month. Everything is running so much better now. The stress level has all but dissolved, staff is showing up on time, and everyone is clear on our mission and how it takes all kinds of personalities to accomplish our goals.

I also wanted to share a personal note. I have used what I learned to make my family life much better as well.  I’m getting along much better with my children; and my husband and I communicating much better as well.  I can’t thank you enough.

– M. C. Bennett
Branch Manager

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