Tanya Harris

Tanya Harris is CEO of ICOM4 and is available for conference and speaking events. ICOM4 provides a series of culture, leadership and engagement assessments. These assessments provide valuable insights into the actions that each leader needs to master to raise the engagement levels of the workforce and takes personality theory into areas of culture alignment, employee engagement, leadership development and customer satisfaction.

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In addition, Tanya sit as the Chairperson of the American Chamber of Commerce, Woman in Leadership. she is passionate about supporting the value of diversity in leadership. Tanya is based in Sydney Australia and frequently travels to the UK, USA and Asia.









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My Most Popular Personality Presentations

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Linking Personality to Raising Employee Engagement Levels

Companies have been measuring employee engagement levels for years, with no real return on investment. This is often due to the usefulness of the data that you receive. ICOM4 identifies the root cause of what is influencing employees to be disengaged, by gathering data on your workforce’s desires vs. what they experience from their leader. The results provide a crystal clear development path, listing the interventions that each leader needs to master and funneling a training solution in the areas that will have the highest impact on raising employee engagement levels and developing your leaders.

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Linking Personality to Customer/Sales and Customer Engagement

The workforce is key to supporting your service, your purpose and your strategy. They are often the only contact that your clients will have with your company. As such a negative interaction, can results in a scar against your brand, and the more scars the weaker your brand. If you have high turnover rates, absenteeism, low engagement levels then you may be hurting your brand and this will impact your ability to execute your strategy, live your values and retain clients.

ICOM4 will pinpoint the areas that are impacting the satisfaction levels of your workforce and your customers, and provide each team, leader, division and site with a personal action plan that will help resolve issues, in a logical, easy to follow, step by step process.

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Linking Personality to Behaviors Aligned to Strategic Objectives

The ICOM4 culture alignment process takes a multi-layered approach to identify the impact that personality has on a workplace culture. We gather input from various managerial levels allowing us to identify how current behaviors based on personality type are impacting a company from achieving its strategic goals. The data allows us to customize training to quickly bring management behaviors into alignment with the objectives and strategies of the business.

Client Testimonies

Tanya Harris presented their isometric development platform at our mid year conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in July 2011. The aim of the platform is to identify the opportunities for personal improvement in the sales and marketing function of individual financial planning practices. Tanya’s presentation received an overwhelming positive response, the philosophy is systematic, easy to follow and apply. I wholeheartedly recommend Tanya and have used her methods successfully in my own practice to further develop the sales and marketing potential of my business.

Colin Dransfield, President
NSW Chapter, AMP Financial Planners Association Inc.

Tanya provided us with an understanding of the different communication styles and motivational needs of work colleagues which has a profound effect on our ability to work together, helping us raise employee engagement and performance levels.

Andrea Gussy
Commonwealth Bank of Australia

The cost of labour is the second highest expense for most business. When we invest in employee engagement it is money well spent. Tanya helped us provide immediate improvement in workplace communications and teamwork/employee engagement.

Marea Phillips
HR Director Asia Pacific Insight
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Contact her directly using the contact information below.

Tanya Harris
Level 14, 52 Phillip Street
Sydney, NSW, Australia