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Sande Roberts has been in the crisis and behavioral health field for over twenty-five years. She has a master’s degree in clinical psychology, and is a certified by the State of California Department of Mental Health as a trainer of trainers in crisis intervention and suicide prevention.

Sande coaches, consults and mentors individuals, businesses, teams, and governments so they can function better together, and with teammates, employees, customers, and families,

Sande has a unique sense of humor, and uses unconventional approaches to achieve amazing results. She helps clients understand how they and others show up in their personal and professional behavior and communication. She also works with those in ultra high stress and highly visible professional positions and careers. This includes military, police, fire, government and sports.


Sande is adjunct faculty in the Psychology Department at Phoenix College. She is a board member of the Arizona Association for Conflict Resolution, where she helps schools implement peer helper and mediation programs.

An enjoyable volunteer highlight was being a co-founder of a RotaCare free medical clinic in Northern California to serve the healthcare needs of underinsured and uninsured farm workers and residents. The clinic has been in operation for eighteen years.

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Listen to Sande discuss Personality Lingo during a recent Talk Zone interview with Theresa E. Keves.
(Entire interview here)

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My Most Popular Personality Presentations

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Recognizing Warning Signs of Suicide
Recognizing and acting on warning signs can help save lives. It’s time to unravel misconceptions. Suicide is seldom about wanting death. It is about wanting to stop emotional and/or physical pain.

Suicide happens to young, old, rich, poor, sick and healthy. According to crisis statistics, eighty percent of people who attempt or complete suicide give some form of warning prior to their attempt.

Personality Lingo is a critically effective addition to the comprehensive trainings where part of being able to help others, is the ability to understand how we, and others react under stress.

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The Personality of Money
Of all the different relationships we have, the most interesting is the one we have with money. While it doesn’t buy health or happiness, it sure makes the path easier to travel.

Our money relationships are based on our personal experiences and strongly influenced by the stories we hear and the observations we make growing up. How money is used is often a source of conflict between people based on the emotional context created around money.

Money is frequently at the root of relationship and partnership challenges. Our relationship with money is influenced by personal experiences, stories we hear, and observations we make growing up. 

We have our own communication styles and money has a communication style too. Personality Lingo helps us understand our inner workings with money and how it plays out in the personal and professional relationships in our lives.

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Conflict Resolution: Interventions For All Occasions, From Laughter Engaging to Life Saving
People need to feel heard, valued and respected when making a decision whether to aggressively assert and hold tight to one’s position, or to search for solutions that satisfy multiple sets of interests.

Additionally there are times when an intervention is necessary because someone is in danger of self-destructing due to crisis, stress, grief or addictions and needs to change behavior/habits that are endangering their well being, relationships, and/or job performance.

Personality Lingo is a superb tool to help people understand their stressed behaviors and find face saving ways out of their stuck situations. 

Client Testimonies

quotesorange“Thanks for talking about how suicide plays out with those in the military and public safety. My family has many fire fighters, including some who have PTSD and experience night terrors. I also relate to this topic because my little sister was hospitalized for being suicidal. I know the pain of having to deal with it. I was in high school and I blamed myself. I wanted to know why I wasn’t able to replace the love she was screaming for. Your talk today helped put it all in perspective and gave me knowledge along with relief. Thank you so much.”


quotesorange“As a financial planner I can tell you that talking about money is probably the last taboo. The subject of money is often associated with strong emotions and value judgments. Many people are more comfortable talking about sex than they are talking about money.
Sande has helped me expand my ability to help my clients, and has saved the personal and professional relationships of clients I have sent to her workshops.”

– Joyce Morningstar
Dynamic Wealth Advisors
Scottsdale, Arizona

quotesorange“Sande has a unique and intuitive way of fostering an environment that is safe to embrace your differences and recognize common goals. Our relationship had some interesting challenges even before we started working together. Sande’s uncommon approachability allowed us to do and feel things without being right or wrong. It was amazing to be able to suspend judgment – of ourselves, and each other. We were able to recognize previously stuck situations and move successfully out of them. And when we reflect back on the depth and creativity of the exercises we just can’t hold back a smile.”

– Michael and Carmella Dodge
DiamondVisions, Carmella’s Savory Fare
Scottsdale, Arizona