How healthy are your Employee Relations?

Managing relations with all types of employees is a complex undertaking. One that is seemingly impossible for anyone who can’t identify personality styles. Yet, it comes naturally for those who have a good understanding of the personality styles and the underlying values that drive them.

Foster Employee Relations with Personality Lingo

Managing Employee Relations

Morale and overall productivity can suffer if employer/employee relations are strained. Stress and strife occur when individuals perceive that their values are not being met or are being compromised. How well do you know your employees and their values?

Connectors want to be included and their opinions heard

connector personality style - employee relations
An affirming smile goes a long way with Connectors. They consider their feelings about a speaker as important as the words being spoken. They can feel bad if they brought up a subject that caused conflict or the discussion to go in what they perceive as a negative direction. They like to end conversations and interaction on a positive note, pointing out the bright side of things.

Planners have tremendous stamina and staying power

planner personality style - employee relations
Attempting to rush a Planner can be a lesson in frustration. Not ones to be pushed, they embrace the motto “haste makes waste”. If you want to win their motivation and trust, make sure they know you have put forethought into your plan and explain the practical impact it will have. Give them as much lead time as possible and provide detailed step-by-step instructions for implementation.

Thinkers value their privacy and wish others would respect that

thinker personality style - employee relations
Thinkers are interested in facts, information, and improvement. They appreciate being able to focus their attention on the matter at hand and not on the relationship. Connecting personally before attending to business can be draining. Although they may avoid small talk, they can be very engaging and passionate about the projects and topics that interest them and are always eager to learn more.

Movers enjoy starting new endeavors and can dump one pursuit for another in a heartbeat

Mover Personality Style - employee relations
Movers can regroup quickly after setbacks, moving on to something more exciting. They do some of their best work when put on the spot to troubleshoot in urgent situations. They can get impatient with what appears to be unnecessary discussions around consensus decision-making. Straightforward, they may hurt the feelings of others with their lack of tact as they push to “Get the show on the road!”

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Personality Styles and Employee Relations
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