Looking for greater participation from your employees?
Appeal to the different motivations of each style!

Motivating Invitation - Employee Personality Activity

In this “A Motivating Invitation” activity from Personality Lingo, participants are asked to form LEAST dominant style groups and design an invitation that would motivate that personality style to attend a company event. They will need to understand the factors that motivate this style that they are least familiar with operating in their own nature in order to recruit employees to join (attend an event, meeting, or workshop).

Employee Health Fair Example

An organization was holding a Health Fair for its employees. Registration numbers were dismal leading up to the event. To boost attendance, the organization’s wellness committee members came up with a creative approach to motivate more employees to register to attend the Health Fair.

In brief (very brief), these are the stylized appeals they used to motivate each style employee:

Emotional Appeal to motivate Connectors

Connector employee motivation
Please help us! With your help we can receive the matching funding and be able to provide valuable information that can improve the health and lives of many. Think of the frustrations and trials people go through when they struggle with health issues. At the health fair, you’ll receive one-on-one personal counseling. They will take the time to listen, understand and offer counseling to enhance your health and well- being. .

Responsibility Appeal to motivate Planners

Planner employee motivation
As a member of this organization, please do your part to support the health of this company. The fair will be in the Rotunda from 8Am-3PM. You simply make an appointment by calling this number and you’ll go step-by-step through a series of health assessments including blood pressure, cholesterol, body fat, nutrition, strength and flexibility. No need to change into workout wear, the assessments can be conducted in work apparel.

Information Gathering Appeal to motivate Thinkers

Thinker employee motivation
Investigate your numbers for yourself. Gain access to a variety of experts in the health field and ask them privately any question you want. Computer programs will be available for assessing nutrient value of the food you consume (what exactly is in that Twinkie you had for lunch?), calculating your metabolic rate, and impedance body fat measurement. If you already know all of this, don’t come. Only you know the information you’ll be missing if you don’t attend.

Fun Appeal to motivate Movers

Mover employee motivation
Join the fun of this action-packed event! Take a break from work and participate in a variety of activities to find out your health score. Free refreshments, physical activity (how many sit ups can you do in one minute – can you break Kevin’s record – or at least give him some healthy competition?) Moving from station to station, you can choose to partake in one or all of them! So strap on your sport shoes and register today because if you snooze, you lose!

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