Embracing Change Personality Training Kit

Exclusively for Qualified Personality Lingo Presenters!

Embracing Change Personality Training Kit

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  • Slideshow Presentation (19 slides)
  • Embracing Change Handouts (4 pages)
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Resistance to change often arises from a failure to sufficiently address the human factors in the change process. Each of the personality styles react to and cope with change differently. They need different types of information and different levels of support to help them embrace change.

Facilitation Instructions

In the Embracing Change Personality Training Kit facilitation instructions you get a 3-hour training outline, suggested scripting for framing and closure of your session, and example participant responses to the group questions.

Participants explore how each of the personality styles responds to organizational change. When you can identify what each of the styles needs and has to offer during change, you can work together to lessen the impact on yourself and others.

Embracing Change Facilitation Instructions

Embracing Change Slideshow

Gain insights into the challenges and strengths of each style during change. Learn what each personality style can best contribute during times of change. When team members recognize what matters most for each of the styles, they can help each other during times of change instead of inadvertently disrupting or resisting the process.

Embracing Change Slideshow

Embracing Change Handouts

The Embracing Change handouts help to shift the focus to steering the situation towards a more favorable outcome rather than criticizing the details of how the change is implemented.

Embracing Change Handouts

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Exclusively for Qualified Presenters!

The Personality Lingo Embracing Change Personality Training Kit contains advanced material. Participants must have already determined their most dominant personality style and have a solid understanding of the needs and values of the styles. The facilitator must be familiar with the training methodologies in the Personality Lingo Basic Training Kit.

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