Descriptor Terms, Letter Codes, & Colors

personality lingo descriptor terms

personality lingo descriptor terms

The Personality Lingo® personality style descriptor terms are Connector, Planner, Thinker, and Mover. You will notice that references to letter codes and colors are often included alongside these terms in parenthesis as follows:

   Connector (NF-Blue)
   Planner (SJ-Gold)
   Thinker (NT-Green)
   Mover (SP-Orange)

Personality Lingo Makes Every Attempt to Simplify Terminology

This way it doesn’t feel like you are learning a new language. It is not necessary to use letter coding or color associations with the Personality Lingo system. These references to letter codes and colors are provided for trainers and participants who have a background in other systems to be able to easily transfer their knowledge and quickly become fluent in Personality Lingo.

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