Dario Nardi’s Neuroscience of Personality

Neuroscience of Personality by Dario Nardi
Dario Nardi's Neuroscience of Personality   Temperament is useful because it describes holistic qualities: it names people’s core needs and values, describes how people go about getting their underlying needs and values met, and how they tend to reshape their environment and grow... Each temperament is aRead more

How a THINKER does Halloween

Thinker personality style Halloween
How a THINKER spends Halloween Of course there are many options when it comes to Halloween, but for Thinkers it is a special day to pull out all of the stops and let their ingenuity show.  Watch as NASA engineers transform an everyday pumpkin into technological worksRead more

Connector-Thinker Communication Like a Nail In The Head?

Communication between the Connector and Thinker Personality Styles  This very humorous video shows an exaggerated portrayal of a Connector and a Thinker. See if you can identify which person is which personality. What are their motivations? What are they trying to accomplish?Read more

Thinker (NT-Green) Humor

Thinker (NT-Green) Humor Thinkers (NT – Greens) have been known to have a “unique” sense of humor. Some may describe it as sarcastic, smarmy, pun laden, ironic, or cutting. Think Jon Stewart on the Daily Show pointing out the “stupidity” of politicians or delineating their inconsistencies. Or,

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