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Stress Survey Reveals We Are Not So Different, Or Are We?

Stress Survey Stress Management Mary Miscisin Ed Redard
Your personality determines how you stress If you take a look, (which we did) you’ll find that although there are some similarities in what people stress about and how they react, there are also distinct patterns for each of the four personality temperament styles. + CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLERead more

Personality “Labels” – Good or Bad???

If you have been around the Personality typing community for any time at all, you will likely have come across individuals that protests that Personality typing just "puts people into a box" or "labels" them. In fact, there has been a very active discussion on LinkedIn onRead more

Neuroscience of Personality – Dario Nardi – Personality Portrait

Dario Nardi Your Brain Your Personality
Welcome to a Personality Portrait brought to you  by PersonalityLingo.com - where personality is our passion and community is our commitment This is Mary Miscisin author of Showing Our True Colors and Personality Lingo,  and this is Dr Ed Redard, Family Practitioner  and co-owner of PersonalityLingo.com As personalityRead more

Were you born that way?

Is Personality Set At Birth?   There is a great discussion going on at PSYCHOLOGY TODAY. They ask the question "Do Genes Influence Personality?"  While "Do Genes Influence Personality?" is an interesting question, perhaps a more useful and relevant question is "Is your Personality set at birth?"Read more

How a THINKER does Halloween

How a THINKER spends Halloween Of course there are many options when it comes to Halloween, but for Thinkers it is a special day to pull out all of the stops and let their ingenuity show.  Watch as NASA engineers transform an everyday pumpkin into technological worksRead more

Connector-Thinker Communication Like a Nail In The Head?

Connector/Thinker Communication This very humorous video shows an exaggerated portrayal of a Connector and a Thinker. See if you can identify which is which. What are their motivations? What are they trying to accomplish? In this very real example we can observe the actors showing their Personality

Read more

Thinker (NT-Green) Humor

Thinker (NT-Green) Humor Thinkers (NT – Greens) have been known to have a “unique” sense of humor. Some may describe it as sarcastic, smarmy, pun laden, ironic, or cutting. Think Jon Stewart on the Daily Show pointing out the “stupidity” of politicians or delineating their inconsistencies. Or,

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Employee Satisfaction Linked to Personality

The Top 5 Contributors to Employee Satisfaction A vital part of any successful business is attracting and retaining hardworking and happy employees. Whether it’s a generous salary, a satisfying title or a rewarding office environment, employees need to be content in order to perform to the best

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