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Personality Lingo is a fun, easy way to identify personality styles and understand why people behave as they do. Once you learn the lingo of personality, it becomes a shortcut to definitions and meanings behind personality patterns.


Have you ever been in a conversation where people talking about personality styles?  It can seem like a foreign language to someone who doesn’t quite understand that particular personality lingo.

We are here to help you make sense of it all!



respects the contributions
of all personality systems. 

There are many systems for identifying your personality.
Perhaps you’ve already learned one of them. Whether it is a letter lingo like the Myers-Briggs, a number lingo like the Enneagram, a color language like Don Lowry’s True Colors, or other descriptor vocabulary such as the Keirsey Temperaments – talking in PERSONALITY LINGO is a powerful way to help us understand ourselves and others.



Color Lingo

True Colors

Inner Heroes

Four Lenses

Four Windows



Herrmann Brain

Real Colors

Diet Styles


Find out your personality by taking our free online test Each of us is born with a certain unique personality temperament. Like a compass that points towards a true north, your temperament acts like a compass that pulls you towards your own true north. Discover your personality by taking our free personality test.

Taking this FREE PERSONALITY TEST helps you identify your personality line-up from your most dominant style to your least preferred style.


The personality styles are presented in a manner that makes the concepts easy to comprehend and retain.

Start speaking PERSONALITY LINGO today!

Think of the people you interact with throughout your day

Do you find some are a pleasure – while others are more of a pain? Each of us has our own style, preferences and ways of operating, how do we bring out the best in each other instead of driving each other crazy? Mary Miscisin shows us the way in this update of her classic book Showing Our True Colors.  Playfully illustrated, Personality Lingo is a fun, easy guide for identifying personality styles and understanding why people behave as they do. Through lighthearted anecdotes, humorous cartoons and convenient reference lists, Miscisin conveys complex personality concepts in easy to comprehend layman language. Go beyond simple identification of your personality to discover immediately useful methods for practical application of the concepts. You’ll find tips for appreciating and relating to each style along with ways to open up lines of communication, reduce stress and transform relationships – even ones you thought were impossible.  

Personality Lingo Showing Our True Colors Update Mary Miscisin
Mary Miscisin

Personality Lingo Founder Mary Miscisin, MS

Mary’s extensive background in health and wellness education includes her Bachelor of Science degree in Commercial Corporate Fitness, and her Interdisciplinary Masters of Science degree in Fitness and Wellness Management with combined concentrations in psychology, communication and health education.

Mary began her study of human nature as the second oldest in a family of 10 children. She learned the importance of effective communication and the significance of appreciating different personality types.

Mary has over 30 years of facilitating health and wellness programs. She spent several years as a university instructor. Throughout her career, Mary observed first-hand how negativity, personality clashes, and contrasting communication styles can be at the root of many workplace challenges.

By integrating concepts from cognitive psychology, personality theory and personal experience, Mary has designed powerfully effective programs which address the underlying challenges of work and home life.

Mary is the author of, SHOWING OUR TRUE COLORS- A Fun, Easy Guide for Understanding and Appreciating Yourself and Others, used for relationship-building and problem-solving by organizations as far-ranging as the U.S. Armed Forces to Disneyland!

As the host of the PBS special “Get Curious, Not Furious – Communicating Your True Colors” Mary brought an awareness of how to apply the truly colorful concepts of personality styles to improve communication. It aired on Public Television stations across the U.S. and Canada for several years.

As times have changed, she recently updated her book Showing Our True Colors to reach a wider audience of type enthusiasts. The revised version is aptly titled: Personality Lingo – Use the Power of Personality to Transform Relationships, Improve Communication, and Reduce Stress.

Ed Redard

Co-Founder Ed Redard, MD (1960-2016)

Dr. Ed Redard received his Doctor of Medicine from the UC Davis School of Medicine in 1987. As a family physician for more than 27 years, Dr. Redard will always be remembered for the individual care and consideration he extended to his patients. He treated each patient with respect, offering them his full attention. He took the time to really listen to what was bothering them. In doing so, he showed his patients that they have inherent worth.

Dr. Redard helped his patients recognize the impact emotions can have on physical health and taught them to be mindful of taking care of their own emotional state. He offered his patients a shoulder to cry on and encouraged them to heal themselves with self-help books, articles, and counseling, before prescribing medications. He rarely wore a white doctor’s coat or a tie, preferring a more casual, but still very professional look which also put his patients at ease. If he had it his way, he would have worn shorts to the office.

Ed was a remarkable educator with a passionate curiosity and keen intellect. As the co-founder of Personality Lingo, Dr. Redard embarked on the hero’s journey to uncover a person’s unconscious beliefs and how to align these to influence health and disease. By melding the fields of Jungian Typology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Ericksonian Hypnotic Therapies, and Behavioral Psychology he was able to teach others the importance of self-knowledge and help them shift their perceptions and behaviors toward healthier habits and lives. He wrote books, training programs, and articles about human nature and personality. Click here to view Ed Redard, MD obituary

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