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Free Personality Test

When you distinguish the truly colorful characteristics that make up your own unique personality temperament you have a new understanding of the motivations behind your actions. Having others take this free personality test can provide insights into how to interact with them in a way that brings out the best in everyone. Brought to you by the author of Showing Your True Colors!

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Free Personality Test from Personality Lingo

Personality Resources

Looking for information on personality related topics such as teambuilding, communication, leadership, resolving conflict, stress management, dealing with change…? You will find a variety of colorful personality articles, PDFs, videos, statistics, and more! Discover ways to put the power of personality to work for you by strengthening your team, opening up lines of communication and building stronger positive relationships. Let your True Colors show!

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Trainer Center

Are you a personality trainer? Explore our trainer center to discover answers to questions like…”Am I qualified to teach Personality Lingo? Which Personality Training Certification is right for me? What are ways to market my personality programs? I’d like use some personality information I found on the internet. What are the Copyright laws – How do I get permission to use it?”  

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Personality Lingo Trainer Center

Find a Trainer

Interested in hiring a personality trainer for your organization? PersonalityLingo.com recognizes that each system brings a positive contribution to the popularity and application of the temperament concepts. No matter if you are looking for a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) administrator, true colors trainer, temperament facilitator, or keynote presenter, our directory will be a valuable resource for you. 

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Personality Products

Are you a personality trainer looking for ways to amplify your expertise, expand your program offerings and energize your participants? If you have given a personality presentation before, it is likely you have left your audience wanting more. Keep the personality concepts alive by supplying activities and programs to strengthen and reinforce the concepts. Whether you’re a fan of True Colors, MBTI, Keirsey Temperaments, Color Lingo or others – shop our personality products page to find:

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Personality Training
Kits for Trainers

Personality Trainers already using True Colors, MBTI, Keirsey Temperaments, Color Lingo, or many other 4 style personality temperament systems will find that these products are easy to correlate with and support their models.  Mary Miscisin MS and Ed Redard MD have teamed up to bring you these jam packed kits at reasonable prices with generous duplication rights. 

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Personality Training Kit
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MBTI, Keirsey or haven't chosen
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